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“What Was The Creepiest Situation You’ve Been In Online?” Women Of Reddit Talk About Their Most Jarring Online Experiences

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Let’s be honest, the internet has all types of people on it, some good and some bad. I think it is also safe to say that not all these people are people worth talking to or even safe to talk to, for that matter. Especially for us women. Most of us have had experiences talking to creepy men online who have made us feel uncomfortable or unsafe in some way or another. Be it, someone who won’t take a hint or sends unsolicited dick pics, they are never easy or fun to deal with. And women cannot be safe online either as we are constantly bombarded with men who will sometimes relentlessly message them and not back off. While I personally tend to laugh it off while discussing this with friends who have had similar experiences, it does make me uncomfortable. So imagine my surprise when I found a Reddit thread on r/AskWomen about this exact phenomenon. The women of Reddit came together and spoke about their experiences online to answer user u/rosie-skies as they posed the question, “What was the creepiest situation you’ve been in on online?”

Many women admitted that a lot of these situations happened due to their own ignorance as a teen/pre-teen while they were online. However, I still believe that is no excuse for one to make a young girl feel unsafe; considering the fact that most men in these incidents were adults, making their whole behaviour predatory and disgusting in nature.

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However, some of the answers were extremely jarring and kind of bone-chilling as they were just that jarring to read and accept that this type of creepiness can happen to any one of us on the internet or while we are online.

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I think one of the most important things reading about these incidents made me realise is the importance of teaching everyone but especially impressionable young children (regardless of their gender) how to practice internet safety. Especially with everything having moved online after the pandemic, we all are interacting online now more than ever and maintaining our safety and privacy is very important.

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