Kim Kardashian May Have Ruined Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress As Suggested By These New Pictures. Shouldn’t Play With A Piece From History

Kim Kardashian May Have Ruined Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress As Suggested By These New Pictures. Shouldn’t Play With A Piece From History

Wearing a piece from history is the new cool, that celebrities are chasing to channel. Vintage in no time has suddenly become a red carpet favourite, endorsing the ideologies of sustainable fashion. And amongst the list of many stars, who chose vintage over freshly made designs, Kim Kardashian takes the top spot. It was a few months back when Kim chose to wear the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala this year. While there has been a mix of hate and love for this Kardashian member, recent updates on the dress are not so much about love.


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Let’s go back in time, and remember the details of the dress a little bit. Kim K arrived for the big ball in a 60-year-old custom Jean Louis gown. Studded with 6000 hand-sewn crystals, the custom attire was curated for Marilyn Monroe as she arrived to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Kim K’s special style for the evening was a well-kept piece belonging to the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

A dress that holds a special place in America’s costume history, was tailored to fit Ms Kardashian’s Gilded Glamour uniform for the night. But many moons after that red carpet walk, new pictures of the dress, explain how history has been ruined. Yes, that’s right. According to a picture posted by Instagram handle named–The Marilyn Monroe Collection, two pictures portraying the condition of the dress before and after being worn by Ms Kardashian portray the damage.

From stretched seams to fallen crystals, the snapshot presents the ruining of an important piece from pop culture. The post further enlists the many times the museum assured the security and care of the dress. I mean, ya, your security must be so tight, and still, this happened. Alongside the series of close-ups of the dress, a video of Kim Kardashian and her team, trying to squeeze her into the dress has also surfaced. This video features, Ms Kardashian trying a bit to hard to fit herself into that dress and well, I would ask, for what? I mean this definitely isn’t the first time that Kim’s Met Gala look has brought in more hate than love for her. From bragging about her weight loss journey to fit in that dress to now allegedly damaging it, we feel it definitely wasn’t a smart move.

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And not just us, but soon after the Met Gala, historians and Marilyn Monroe experts expressed disappointment over Kim K wearing the iconic dress. According to a report by People, a professor of fashion history at the Fashion Institute of Technology, called the move “irresponsible and unnecessary.” Many also explained how the 60-year-old fragile fabric was at risk only for publicity. Expressing a similar take, Bob Mackie, the designer who curated the original sketches for the dress, also shared his take on Kim K wearing the it as he told Entertainment Weekly “​​It was designed for [Marilyn Monroe]. Nobody else should be seen in that dress.”


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We totally agree. And after these images make their way to our screens, the loss made is pretty clear. Many lovers of fashion’s history also expressed outrage towards the celebrity and moreover the museum, that loaned the dress in the first place. The dress was earlier bought by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum in Orlando, back in 2016 and it’s currently on display. This has also led to the internet pariwaar giving their two bits on now seeing the damaged dress, as many said, “she should never have been allowed to wear it. It is now tarnished!” “The damage is significant,” and “If you really loved Marilyn you would have preserved the integrity of the garment. It’s ruined forever now.”


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Well, history is definitely not to be played with, and this incident is a lesson for celebrities to respect the significance of every piece that holds an important or more so, influential spot in culture. 

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