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Woman Allegedly Raped At The Tokyo Olympics Stadium By A Part-Time Worker. He Defended Saying She Didn’t Resist

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Why do we think only evidently shady men rape? Once, a friend of mine went on a drive with a very famous young singer, after meeting him randomly at a bar. They had exchanged numbers and one night he came to pick her up for a drive. And there she was, in his car, assuming it is too risky for a celebrity to do anything inappropriate or maybe that he has plenty of options anyway. Thankfully, he respected her ‘no’ when he tried making a move. But #MeToo movement didn’t gain so much momentum just like that. These seemingly respectable, known men around us are very much capable of turning out to be a sexual offender. Recently, a woman alleged that a 30-year-old man raped her at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium days before the game began.

The man who is a university student has been arrested. Turns out, he and the woman were both part-time workers with the Games. They were working at the stadium, prepping for the games that were to begin just a few days later.

That’s how they got to know each other. After they watched the rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony, he allegedly attacked her near the spectators’ seat at the stadium. The man however, denied the allegations; he said the woman didn’t refuse his sexual advances.


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We don’t know if she was intimidated, if she refused and he chose to not see that or he is straight up lying. But the concept of consent definitely seems lost here. Just because a woman spoke to you, smiled at you and spent some time with you, doesn’t mean she wanted it. Or just because she didn’t aggressively resist, doesn’t mean she consented to it.

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