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UP Election 2022: BJP Has More Female Voters And These Women-Centric Welfare Schemes Could Be The Reason

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Amid the ongoing 2022 Assembly elections, Uttar Pradesh has been making headlines for having a higher percentage of female voters. The Assembly polls saw a total of 59.6% male voters and 62.2% female voters. It looks like women in UP are not only proactive but they also know politics enough to take a call on who they want in power. And the exit polls indicate that there is a majority for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in UP. With the rise in female voters, it looks like Yogi Adityanath might return to power in Uttar Pradesh for all the schemes he made to empower women and give them the support they need to grow and feel uplifted. Let’s take a look at all the welfare schemes started by the Yogi Adityanath-led government aimed at empowering women.

1. Nirbhaya–Ek Pahal

The UP government launched a new women’s welfare scheme named ‘Nirbhaya – Ek Pahal’ under the Mission Shakti program in 2021. This scheme aims at encouraging female entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary support. This scheme will also connect women with state banks and allow them to get loans at a cheaper rate of interest.


Launched in 2019, this welfare scheme provides Rs 15,000 to every family on the birth of a girl child. This amount has been increased to Rs 25,000 in 2022.

3. Banking Correspondence Sakhi Yojana

In 2022, the Uttar Pradesh government started a Banking Correspondence Sakhi Yojana with an aim to provide employment for women. It will allow women to take up jobs of ‘Sakhi’ at banks and provide support to account holders. The women employed will deliver money to the homes of the account holder and also provide them with banking services and do transactions via digital mode.

4. Mahila Samarthya Yojana

This women’s welfare scheme started by the UP government is aimed at providing financial support to women self-help groups that aim at making women self-reliant in rural areas. A total of Rs. 200 crore budget has been kept aside for this women’s welfare scheme.

5. Helpline For Women In Distress

Apart from the anti-Romeo squad, the Uttar Pradesh government started a new helpline 181 to provide help to women in distress. It is dedicated to complaints related to domestic abuse. Another helpline 1076 has been started by the government to aid other women in distress.

6. School Chalo Abhiyaan

Under this welfare scheme, the UP state government aims to ensure that girls don’t miss school. Female students are provided with shoes and uniforms every year under this scheme.

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Apart from these schemes, the Uttar Pradesh government has come up with many other schemes and programs keeping in mind the welfare of women and did their bit to empower them.

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