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Women Voters Will Be An Important Factor In Assembly Elections 2022, 4 Out Of 5 States Including UP, Saw More Women Voters Than Men

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It’s election time in India. It is the time when most of us are hoping that we make the right decision, elect a worthy candidate, and hope that this can change the conditions we live in. Well, the Assembly elections are still going on in Manipur, Goa, UP, Punjab, and Uttarakhand. And out of these 5 states, 4 of them had a higher percentage of women voters as compared to men. And one of the states with a higher percentage of women voters was Uttar Pradesh (UP) and the highest percentage was in Manipur.

In the 2022 Assembly elections, in UP women voters turnout was at 62.2% as compared to men voters which were at 59.6%, in Goa the women voters turnout was at a good, solid 81% as compared to men voters at 78.2%, Uttrakhand saw around 67.2% female voters and 62.6% male voters, Punjab had 71.9% women voters and 72% male voters, but the highest number of female voters turnout was in Manipur at 90.5% with men voters being at 87.9%.

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Sushil Chandra, CEC, while counting the votes, said that they had created around 1,900 polling booths which were run by women and that ensured that more women voters participated in the Assembly elections. As per reports, in total, there were 31,000 new polling booths created for the 2022 elections.

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Honestly, I love the fact that they made so much effort to ensure female voters can have a say in the Assembly elections and vote for a government that they think will help them out. In a subtle yet effective manner, the female voters were empowered and that makes me extremely happy. Having said that, I’m not going to turn a blind eye to the fact that the gender imbalance in the candidates in elections is still a problem we face.

The reports suggest that out of the 6,944 candidates that are running for a seat in the Assembly across five states, only 760 of them are women. There is a gender imbalance even after women being at the core of political campaigns, manifestos, and speeches. There needs to be a change and more inclusion of women in politics.

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