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This Mother Makes Her Family Seek Consent From 2 Year Old Daughter Before Touching Her

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Legend has it, and by that I mean my mother and father, that when I was only a few months old and hadn’t really started walking on my own two little feet, I would never go in to anyone’s arms who weren’t my parents. Seeing how hesitant I was, my mother would never ever force me to go over to someone else, for her own motherly instinct would kick in too. Today I am 25 years old, and not much has changed for she still never forces me to indulge in anything or anyone that I don’t explicitly consent to. A concept that a mother named Brittany Baxter has already seemed to have taught her 2-year-old baby.

Keeping in mind the situation of the pandemic, and how the only way to protect yourself and your loved ones is by maintaining social distance and following restrictions, a mother named Brittany Baxter has decided to be extra careful when it comes to her 2-year-old daughter.

She has done this not just by making sure anyone doesn’t get too close to her baby, but also by teaching the toddler the concept of ‘consent’, wherein her family members need to get the daughter’s consent before being able to touch her or coddle her. Now, isn’t that woke parenting?

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Brittany wanted her child to understand consent and started to teach her about it much earlier. And along with her, Brittany also taught her family of it’s importance. Now, they have to first get an approval from the 2 year old to hug her, as Brittany shared with the world in a TikTok video that has now gone viral.

While some people grasped why Brittany did what she did, and embedding such things in children early in life is only a positive way to go about it, there were also a few people who couldn’t really understand it. In the video, Brittany can be seen saying, “My daughter’s almost two years old and I’ve been in the process of teaching her consent basically since the day that she’s been born.”

She goes on to share, “As a parent, I practice consent with my daughter and something’s really been bothering me, so I thought why not take it to TikTok so we can talk about it. Can we please start normalising the fact that kids do not have to kiss in front of adults?”

Not stopping there, Brittany also claimed, “My daughter and her body do not exist to make anyone feel more comfortable and to make anyone feel more loved, it is not her fault and it’s not my fault that the older generation hasn’t taken the time throughout their entire lives to learn how to regulate their emotions so consent doesn’t continue to be overlooked.” And on some deep level, we knew what she was saying and could relate to it all too well.

How about you?

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