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Rakhi Sawant Takes A Dig At Kangana Ranaut, Asks Her To Help India In Getting Oxygen Cylinders

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There was once a time when with every refresh of our feed we would see a new couple tie the knot. We’ve now come to a point where every other Instagram story or post on our feed is filled with requests for arranging ventilators, ICU beds and oxygen cylinders. This is a difficult time for the entire country as we struggle to keep ourselves and our loved ones alive, every help, big or small, in the present scenario is being widely appreciated. But if it comes down to playing the blame game, it can go on for a while and it can become quite the slug fest. And while most of our stars have been steadfastly quiet, Rakhi Sawant is providing us some entertainment, depending on how low your bar for entertainment is.

Rakhi Sawant was talking about Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut, who recently when asked about the current situation of the country, spoke about the horrors of the pandemic and how even something as basic and life-saving as oxygen was getting harder and harder to arrange for patients.

When Rakhi Sawant was questioned by the paparazzi about Kangana’s recent comments, she candidly urged Kangana to step down into the game and help out instead.

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Rakhi Sawant said, “Nahi mil raha? Oh ho! Kangana ji aap desh ki sewa kijiye na, please. Itne karodo rupayee aapke paas hai, oxygen khareediye, aur logo mein bantiye, hum toh yehi kar rahe hai. (It is unavailable? Oh ho! Kangana, please serve the nation. You have so much money, buy oxygen and distribute it among people).”

And we could understand just where she was coming from. Rather than pointing fingers and nit picking on everything that is going wrong, the need of the hour is to step up and do your bit into making the situation better, not worse. Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant also urged people to wear a double mask and carry sanitizers wherever they go to defeat the virus. She also asked her fans to be careful and take care of their families.

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