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Kangana Ranaut Revealed Her Parents A Raging Affair Before Their Marriage, Something That Was Hid From Her

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One of the safest assumptions in the world, even safer than assuming your boyfriend will disappoint you, is that any news related to actress Kangana Ranaut will be more or less controversial. Whether it is her opinion, an appearance at a TV show, or simply a tweet, chances are (and they’re higher than the Great Wall of China), that there will be some level of controversy to it. Even her wishes for instance, that come with a whole lot of dramatic flair.

Hinting at her latest revelation that the Manikarnika actress made about her parents, wishing her parents a great anniversary, she revealed a fact about them, that perhaps not many knew. Turns out, Kangana Ranaut’s parents had a “raging affair” according to her, one that her grandparents tried to hide from her.

Sharing a beautiful and nostalgic black and white photograph of her parents on the occasion of their anniversary, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Today is the wedding anniversary of my parents, growing up they lied to us that it was a conventional arranged marriage it’s only much later Nani told us they had a raging affair, papa saw mom at a bus stand returning from college, took that bus every day till she noticed him.”

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She went on to share, “When papa sent proposal Nana ji brutally rejected cos papa didn’t have a good reputation, Nana had selected a groom with government job for mom, she was his favourite and lovingly called her Guddi, but mom fought all odds and convinced Nana, thanks for that, happy anniversary.”

After all, it is stories like these, that somewhat keep you hopeful towards love, especially when you find out that your parents too went against all odds, all stereotypes, to be together. Guess, breaking out of convention is not too bad, and Kangana’s parents are living proof of it!

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