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Kangana Ranaut Shares How She’s Comfortable With Her Sexuality, Weight And How She Doesn’t Care About Beauty Stereotypes

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For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why asking a woman’s age is disrespectful and offensive. While for men, it is the digits of his salary that is considered rude to inquire about. But recently, I understood the real purpose behind this sexist, social etiquette. It is because women are often valued on the basis of their appearance and beauty, not income (shocking!) and asking them their age puts them in an uncomfortable position of whether to dodge the question, lie about their age and be embarrassed if they reveal it. 

This notion has made generations of women fret about turning a year older and dread the natural and normal process of ageing. As Kangana Ranaut turns 34 today, she addressed this and talked about how people always tell women what they should look like when they are at a certain age, but never the things we can and should achieve. Because she is just one of us who has gone through it all, too. And it’s a message every woman needs to hear. 

Although celebrities can’t and don’t hide their age, they are constantly judged and shamed for showing even a single grey strand of hair and the tiniest wrinkle on their face. This perpetuates the concept of ageless beauty among real women too and they start worrying about what society wants them to look like. Kangana Ranaut decided to give every woman out there an empowering message and a reality check about beauty, sexuality and age on her 34th birthday.

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She took to Twitter to spread the message of embracing yourself, your age and your flaws, regardless of what people say. In a four-part twitter thread, she wrote, “They said a woman has a shelf life, this world only values young sweet 16 type girls with no brains, mature and wise woman can only belong to a household to a man who can give them a surname.They said many things it made me anxious, what will happen to me, where will I go (cont).” In the subsequent tweet, she added, “Today I turned 34, they never told me, I will be at the peak of my career at 34, I will be celebrated for my art and my experience will be valued and my age or marital status would mean nothing to anyone, I feel like a super human loaded with exceptional experience about skills.” In case you needed to hear this today.

She also said how she celebrates all her flaws and feats and there is absolutely no one who can tell her otherwise. “I find certain ease with my body does not matter if I am too fat/too skinny,I like being sensual and feel at ease with my sexuality, I don’t get flustered with pimples or periods and no one has the power to make me feel bad about myself.” Kangana Ranaut is the biggest advocate of self-love and this empowering message is proof of how she takes pride in herself unapologetically, just as every woman should. 

Being a celebrity who is scrutinized at all times, the constant pressure of maintaining youth, looking young and flawless can bring anyone down, but not Kangana. She believes in ageing naturally and preaches the same idea of beauty to all the girls. “They never told me, Fine lines and beginning of grey hair would look so soothing, it will enhance my character and strength will become my beauty. So let me tell all you girls out there. It’s beautiful at 34 world looks super gorgeous from this view,” she said. She concluded her birthday post by thanking her mother, “Thanks to my mother who gave me birth.” How beautiful is that! We are not sure about other tweets, but this one does get a big like from us.  

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