Liz Truss Announces Resignation As UK PM. Why Do Misogynistic Tweeple See This As An Excuse To Put Down All Women?

Liz Truss Announces Resignation As UK PM. Why Do Misogynistic Tweeple See This As An Excuse To Put Down All Women?

Just a while ago, we celebrated the United Kingdom getting their first female Prime Minister, Liz Truss. Considering the UK is one of the greatest countries in the world, it was a win for women everywhere to have a woman be the PM and represent us all. However, fate had other plans as after many of her enforced policies went wrong and seemingly caused an economic crisis within the country, she resigned as PM, merely having served 45 days of her tenure. However, the most unsurprisingly saddest part about this is that I have come across many on Twitter who are not only shaming Truss for not being able to uphold the duties of a PM effectively but women in general, and I have heard this from both male and female Twitter users. Now, men in general have failed as leaders multiple times but I have seen no one shame the gender as a whole so what’s with the double standard?

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Truss acknowledged, in a speech delivered in front of her office at Number 10 Downing Street, that she had lost the confidence of her party and could not keep the commitments she had made while campaigning for Conservative leader. After the adverse effect her economic plans had on the markets and split her party, Tuss announced her resignation six weeks into her tenure. The leadership election results will be made public in the coming week. Truss claimed that she has spoken to King Charles III and informed him of the resignation as well.  Truss further disclosed that after a meeting with Sir Graham Brady (chairman of the 1922 Committee) where it was decided that the leadership election will help maintain the “country’s economic stability and national security.”

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Truss was forced to drop practically all of her policy agenda during her first six weeks in office after it caused the bond market to crash and her and the Conservative Party’s approval ratings to fall. Since last Friday, she has lost two of the top four ministers in the government and watched helplessly as her new finance minister shredded her economic plans in parliament.

I went on to Twitter to see what people had to say about this and the number of people who were putting down female leaders as a whole, women in power, etc was appalling. Men have been in positions of power and have been world leaders for time immemorial. Haven’t they had failures ever? Because I feel that considering the ratio of male to female leaders, men have definitely had more failures. Then why is it that the moment a woman fails, there are people willing to attack the whole gender, just looking for a way to justify the patriarchal ideals humanity has lived with for centuries? Because I have heard people trash-talk the leader themselves but not men as a whole. So why is Liz Truss’ failure being used as an excuse to not give women positions in leadership? 

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