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A Husband Made An Instagram Account To Document Wife’s PCOS-Friendly Diet During Fertility Treatment. How Sweet!

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Wholesome couple videos on Instagram sometimes bring such a big smile to the face. Scrolling through the reels, I landed on one such video and I cannot stress enough how sweet the video is. Now, a very common problem of PCOS that is faced by many women can further create hindrances in conceiving. The video that I came across, is proof of how such a difficult journey in a woman’s life can still become beautiful and a little with the right man by her side. In this video made by the lucky woman, she reveals that her husband secretly made a separate Instagram handle to document her everyday meals while she was on her fertility treatment.

The video was shared by Instagram user Rach Sullivan. The video has been edited to tell her story so perfectly. The video has short clips compiled together and some texts also pop up as Rach Sullivan narrates the whole story with a voiceover. It starts with her first telling us that she got to know about her husband’s secret Instagram handle a year back. Then Rach tells us that she is suffering from the condition of PCOS which could probably affect her fertility. However, she goes on to say that her husband’s Instagram account which goes by the name @ mealsheeats, was dedicated to her. In the Instagram account, her husband documented and kept a record of the everyday meals that she was having while undergoing her fertility treatment. Not just that, he even made the meals for his wife and in the video, you can see, how sweetly he is making some delectable meals for her. Rach in her video, also states that the couple chose food to deal with the issues of fertility, and then after 8 months she found out that she was pregnant. The video cuts to the present when the couple is now expecting the due date and is very excited to welcome the new member of the family. Rach also says how lucky and happy she is to find a partner like him, so sweet!

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The video will take you on a ride of emotions, from making you a little sad to ultimately bringing a smile to your face.


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