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Cancer-Stricken Mother Puts Up Billboard On Times Square To Help Daughter Find Love

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Finding love in this virtual world is quite difficult. Due to the global pandemic induced lockdown, so many things closed down and people were urged to maintain distance from one another. But finding a perfect partner for their loved one is still a priority for many and people have found creative ways for it just like this mother. A cancer-stricken mother helped put up a billboard on Times Square so that her daughter could find a suitable partner.

The mother, Beth Davis lives in Boston. She has metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her bones. The 61-year-old mother was first diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and was going into remission with the help of chemotherapy treatment. But in June 2020, cancer returned and became more severe, giving her a limited time to spend with her family. When she realised this, Beth Davis took it upon herself to find a partner for her 30-year-old daughter Molly. With Molly’s consent, Davis made a profile for her daughter on Wingman, a dating app where a person’s family or friend can set up their profile and find a perfect match for them. Surprisingly, Tina Wilson, the founder of Wingman heard this heartwarming story and pitched an idea to them to put up a billboard of Molly’s profile. The mother-daughter duo agreed and soon, the unique billboard was put up at Times Square with the words “Date my daughter” written on it.

Speaking to the media about the unique billboard, Beth Davis said that she wants to find a partner for her daughter who has always put her first. “Molly has always unselfishly spent a lot of time with us, including taking a leave of absence to fly to New Zealand last year [where I was] when I was diagnosed. Also Molly, like lots of young people, have had their social lives interrupted by these Covid years, so I really just wanted to help find her a special someone, I would love to know that Molly has a good life partner that adores her and puts her first, as I know she will him,” she said in an interview. The billboard attracted a lot of attention and became viral on social media platforms.


According to Molly, she wants someone who is kind, smart, and funny with the essence of Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds. Okay, sounds amazing! On New Year’s Eve, the mother-daughter duo saw the billboard together.

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This hilarious yet heartwarming story tells us that a mother’s love can cross any boundaries for their children. We hope Molly finds a loving partner, ASAP! 

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