Urfi Javed’s New Look Spells ‘Double Trouble.’ Oh Lord, How To Undo This Disaster?

Urfi Javed’s New Look Spells ‘Double Trouble.’ Oh Lord, How To Undo This Disaster?

Fashion is supposed to be fun and fabulous, but when either of the two goes a bit extra, there’s surely an explosion coming our way. And cooking up some majorly fun and extra glam looks, Urfi Javed is not an unknown name on the internet. From bizarre, DIY fashion experiments with OTT makeup and hair looks, Urfi blows our minds, each time she takes a step outside.

And serving another shocking or rather mind boggling look, Urfi ventured out wearing a crop top, but with two pants. Yes, according to the videos captured by the paparazzi, the fashion DIY queen was seen distributing food packages on the occasion of buying a new car and I was just so impressed with the side of her look. But as soon as Ms Javed had her palat moment and flashed her outfit with her always high confidence, I just yelled–’ What an unfortunate day to have eyes.’


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And the words of my colleague who hurriedly enquired “Are her pants… Wearing pants…?” Well, I too have the same question looking for an answer. Teaming up two great earthy tones, Urfi’s outfit featured a halter crop top, paired with camel coloured wide legged pants. The story doesn’t end there, she further attached another piece of the same pair of pants and stitched it diagonally over the other. Oh, yes, she actually did that. Styling the outfit, Urfi opted for a sleek, artistic hair bun and silver earrings, but there was nothing that could take our eyes off of the pants.


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While I am not against Urfi’s wardrobe that at all times is flaming hot, plus her fab confidence just makes every look a winning one. But this one indeed is mere samajh ke bahaar. And taking over the comments section, the internet pariwaar too came running to share their views on the look. Approving of her style some said, “I need this confidence in my life,” “Love her fashion sense atleast it’s different and unique”  while some others had hilarious responses and mentioned– “When you get two trousers in buy 1 get 2 offer!!”


I mean that’s the confidence I really need, to pull off this fashion stunt outside of my home. Nevertheless, Urfi you go girl, and keep ’em looks coming!

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