Urfi Javed Shuts Up Farah Khan Ali Who Commented On Her Clothes, Asks If She Would Tell The Star Kids To Change?

Urfi Javed Shuts Up Farah Khan Ali Who Commented On Her Clothes, Asks If She Would Tell The Star Kids To Change?

There is a social media war going on between Sussanne Khan’s sister, Farah Khan Ali, and Urfi Javed. Now, as you all know, Urfi Javed and the term trolling are synonymous, at least on social media and that has rarely ever affected her. But not this time around. When a video of her getting into a heated argument with a watchman who refused to let her pose in front of a building’s gate surfaced, Farah Khan Ali decided to comment on her clothes in the comment section. Farah Khan Ali bashed the actress for her choices in clothes. Needless to say, the actress did not take it with a pinch of salt and rather gave it back to the designer.


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Urfi Javed took to her Instagram stories to destroy the designer with an epic response. She shared the screenshot of the comment and asked Sussanne Khan’s sister if she would ask the star kids to change their style if they were constantly trolled for it.


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Sharing the ‘distasteful’ comment made by Farah Khan Ali, Urfi Javed wrote, “@farahkhanali Ma’am, what is exactly ‘tasteful’ dressing? Please define it for me. Also I know U people don’t like the way I dress, I’m not living in a bubble but also I don’t care about people’s opinions. You wear something that has a designer tag to it, so it’s tasteful? Your relatives have starred and produced movies where women have worn tiniieee tiny clothes in item numbers. Really that’s tasteful! and Sexualising a woman’s body for an item number, that’s acceptable? Charity begins at home. Peace out! This was really unnecessary on your part, Star kids wearing whatever they want is tasteful. Of course (sic).”


In fact, this was not the only thing she wrote in her story. Urfi Javed further posted a screenshot of a picture of Farah Khan Ali where she is seen wearing a black bikini and wrote, “Not the kind to put women down but the hypocrisy really irks me! You can wear whatever you want, post whatever! Tasterful!! I wear whatever I want, distasteful?”

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And if you thought it stopped with that, think again. The two of them had a back and forth even in the comment section where Farah Khan Ali tried to school the actress about fashion and went on to say that her comment was out of concern for her and if it is taken badly then she will refrain from doing the same in the future. To this, Urfi Javed did not hold back and asked if there are trolls who troll Sussanne Khan for dating other men, so does she stop her own sister from dating. The Bigg Boss OTT fame then calls out the hypocrisy and says that if she was actually concerned about her she would message her privately and not openly comment. 

It all ended with Farah Khan Ali stating that she will be keeping her concerns to herself and not taking anything the actress says personally. But it was Urfi Javed who got the last word in and said that her comments could have impacted her mental health negatively and that she doesn’t need a designer to tell her how to live life.

Ngl, I’m on the actress’ side this time around. Yes, she wears absurd clothes that most would not like but that doesn’t mean people get to comment on it and call it distasteful. At the end of the day, it is her life and she should get to choose how she wants to live it and what she wants to wear while living it. Isn’t that what the phrase live and let live means in a nutshell?

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