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Upside-Down Shorts Are A Thing, And People Are Really Into It!

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Fashion is a form of art, and a lot of times we see some brilliant thought-provoking pieces on many prestigious runways. But would we actually wear them? Maybe, maybe not. We’ve seen some funky clothing pieces over the years, such as the blanket jacket, car mat shirts and double shirt shirts. Joining this list of bizarre trends is upside-down jeans and shorts.

Cie Denim is selling denim shorts designed to look like they’re upside-down. Yup! That means, the buttons and the belt loops are on the hem, the zipper is upside down, the pockets are reversed, and the waist is, well, plain! Which means you better get these in your size as there is no belting these shorts! The brand’s inverted shorts retail for $385, while its inverted jeans retail for $500.

Cie Denim’s creative director, Kelcie Schofield, told INSIDER:”The upside-down concept was designed to have the familiarity of the classic denim jeans we all know and love but with a modern twist.”

These bizarre and unconventional shorts have captured the attention of many, and people actually seem to want to wear them. Keep scrolling for some reverse shorts looks we spotted.

A lot of fans are of the opinion that these shorts are inspired by the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, and the whole upside-down concept the show had!

On second thought, if styled right, these can be quite cute!


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