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Japleen’s New Tote Bag Is Making Her Feel ‘Wonder’ful

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My mum keeps telling me that since I work for a fashion-forward website, I should act like I am too. But most often, all her efforts are wasted.

I have no shame in admitting that till date, she is the one who does 97% of my shopping, the other being gifts. I’m 22 and she is fed up.

And now, when I’m out of clothes and, most importantly, bags, even my puppy eyes are not melting her heart. That’s it guys, the ultimatum was announced and I had to find a bag on my own.

Yes, I did try juggling all the stuff in my hand, which lead to a god-awful mess, so I finally gave up and sat down to find a bag that would make my mum proud.


Wonder Woman Tote Bag_Ed's Pick_Haute List_Hauterfly

The Souled Store Wonder Woman Tote Bag By DC Comics

Enter this super cute tote bag from The Souled Store. Now I don’t know what my mom will say to my choice, but if left to me, this is what she will get!

This canvas printed bag completely resonates with my current mood of loving Wonder Woman. I mean, have you seen Gal Gadot?!

Easy to carry, semi waterproof, and quite adorable with that little Wonder Woman figure, this bag is a total winner. Who knew she could look as cute as she does sexy, right?

Perfect for all you fan girls out there and for those who like to make a statement. I’m going to flaunt it every day at work and maybe, just maybe, get on my mother’s nerves.

*evil grin*

SHOP NOW: The Souled Store Wonder Woman Tote Bag By DC Comics (Rs 499)


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