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#WOTW: Here’s All You Need To Know About Raglan Sleeves

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Before I start this one, I’ve got to tell you how surprising the origins of some of the most fun styles of fashion are. The word of the week this time is raglan, and while I always knew what the sleeves were about, I must say how intrigued I was by the name it has. Nonetheless, for all of you who aren’t familiar with what the word means, I’ll start from the beginning. Raglan is a kind of sleeve that typically extends as a single piece of cloth up to the neckline. This only means that the shoulder seam is not applicable in a raglan sleeved garment.

If you’re wondering why I was harping about the history, here’s the reason. The raglan style of sleeves was named after FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, the 1st Baron Raglan of the British army. The officer was known to wear a similar-styled jacket after losing an arm during the war. Nonetheless, over the years, the sleeve turned into a popular sportswear essential style and was a must-have sleeve for jerseys in different sports. While it was primarily a sleeve seen on garments for men, the fashion industry slowly adopted it for feminine outfits too, making it an on-trend sleeve to sport.

Designers across the globe are known to add the raglan sleeves for that stylish take on their garments. At New York Fashion Week this time around, DKNY was among the many design houses to sport the contrasting long-sleeved raglan shirts in their Fall Winter collection. Be it jackets, tops or even dresses, raglan sleeves can be incorporated in a variety of styles. Looking to camouflage those broad shoulders? Here’s a sleeve that’s a must-try.


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