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Men Who Wear Large Logos Aren’t Seen As The Long-Term Relationship Type, Says Study

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 When we were young, college-going and broke all the time, we usually shopped from local thrift stores and from branded stores when it would be sale season. And my bestie? OMG, she’d go cuckoo and buy a big brand’s most hideous looking outfits and be immensely excited about it. It would put me in a tough spot – should I rain on her shopping parade? Or should I tell her that buying a good outfit from a local store is better than buying a bad one from an expensive brand? Oh, those terrible large logos! Thankfully, that problem got fixed. Almost.

I absolutely despise people flaunting the brands they wear. Like you compliment them on their shoes and they give you so much information about it, you wonder if they thought you wanted to buy them. Why? Why? Why? I am glad you can afford Gucci but babe, the logo is so big I can barely see your personality. Oh wait, is it meant as a compensation. I get it.

Usually, men who roam around looking like a walking Palladium mall and a talking catalogue of products are just not my cup of tea. I like simplicity. I don’t like entitlement and look-at-my-monies kinda attitude. I am willing to cut the guy wearing a huge logo some slack; I am willing to believe he doesn’t have a Punjabi rapper’s soul in him. But do I dare say he needs to update his sense of style?

Turns out, men who wear clothes with large logos on them are seen as promiscuous. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. But they are definitely the ones not being taking seriously by potential romantic interests.

It was a small study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that analysed the link between flaunting wealth and attractiveness among sexes. The study was conducted on the students of the University of Michigan who were shown two Ralph Lauren shirts. One of these had a large logo and the other had a smaller one. The students were then surveyed on their thoughts about the kind of person that would wear each of these.

“Men owning shirts with larger luxury brand logos were rated higher on mating effort, lower on parental investment, higher on interest in brief sexual affairs, lower on interest in long-term committed romantic relationships, higher in attractiveness to women for brief sexual affairs, lower in attractiveness to women for long-term committed relationships, and higher in developmental environment unpredictability compared with men owning shirts displaying a smaller logo,” the study reads.

So, are you telling me that women are finding these large-logo men sexually attractive? Like attractive for brief sexual encounters? I would just be like, ‘Hey nice tee, where did you get it from?’ only to get them all riled up. But women don’t prefer men flaunting their brands for long-term relationships.

“Someone could interpret ‘brief sexual affair’ as cheating on one’s partner,” the study’s author, evolutionary psychologist Daniel Kruger told the Guardian, “we did not specify this but it is consistent with the general pattern of results.”

Kruger said that the students believed men who wear large logos flirt often, could possibly flirt with someone else’s partner and are more likely to cheat on their partners. On the other hand, the participants believed that men who wore the smaller logos are those to seek deeper intimacy and commitment.

 “Smaller-logo men were perceived as safer bets for long-term relationships. These men were thought to be more stable and reliable, good with children and loyal partners,” Kruger said.

If I spot a guy wearing a large logo, I am out. Just because I don’t like flashiness. But there are exceptions – like the guy I was talking to. He wore a tee with this huge Nike logo on it. I mean I know he loves the brand because I have seen him wear tees of the brand (with smaller logos) often. But when I jokingly told him about the study, the charmer casually excused himself and came back wearing another tee. Like how the hell are you so smooth? Damn, not many people can get out of this trap and flirt while at it. But then again, he has never been the kind to flaunt brands and all that. I met one of those guys too. I was so turned off.

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 “Luxury brands have long been associated with status, though men may display luxury brands for different purposes,” Kruger said. “Subtle displays may be related to more traditional social status and class, whereas showy displays may be flaunting cash that does not last. It is one way of distinguishing dads from cads,” Kruger rightfully pointed out.

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