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Jordanian Food Artist Creates A Luxury Bag Out Of Orange Peels, Turns Food Waste Into High Fashion

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The world is ready to mend its flaws and the growing troop of conscious consumers and suppliers is serving as proof. Be it food or fashion, the term sustainability is accompanying it all. While we all have heard of the quote “you waste life when you waste good food” and swearing by it are even designers today. With fashion meeting its conscious, aware buyer, what looks for a space to fit in is the advancement in technologies that help designers produce better and sustainable products. While some labels, love to use the terms ‘sustainable,’ ‘recycle,’ ‘upcycle’ as added feathers of attraction, some others are putting the terms to actual use. And turning waste food into a fashion statement is the lesson that many are mastering in.

Do you remember the time when model, Natalia Bryant wore a floral sequin dress, made out of PET plastic to Met Gala 2021 or when Emma Watson wore a beautiful Calvin Klein gown, woven from yarns made from recycled plastic bottles? However, a handful of celebrities and designers have contributed to the eco-age, what seems to be the next step, is the usage of food waste. Incorporating the discards from food bins, designers like Young-A Lee, who is known for her designer collection, made entirely out of kombucha tea, or Indian designer Madhurima Singh who gave the classic Indian kurta a sustainable twist, with eucalyptus fibre, are all initiating a change.

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And making luxury fashion a lot more guilt-free, is a new design on the block. A beautiful clutch made out of the orange peels. Interesting right? A Jordanian food artist and molecular gastronomist named Omar Sartawi has designed a luxury handbag using orange peels. By using the technique of ‘digital fabrication,’ the food artist has stepped into the world of sustainable fashion with an exclusive collaboration with Bahraini designer Noof AlShekar, who is known as the master of bags.

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Sharing the process of curating the luxury clutch, Omar revealed in a video over his Instagram handle, “One of the things I am currently working on is processing the leather of fruits and vegetables in new ways, to be used as environmentally friendly material, to turn it into luxury brands. We can create extravagant products with modern designs through available technologies. I am using it in fashion, accessories, high-end bags, and furniture.” Gaining prominence, fruit leather has definitely become fashion’s brand new favourite ingredient to experiment with. From plate to the racks of brands like H&M and Selfridges, fruit leather is on the rise.


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In a series of posts, dedicated to multiple trials, followed by the birth of the final, successful product, Omar shares some beautiful images of the octagon clutch that features orange peels on gold plate brass and Malachite stone used for the handle. While this is definitely not the first-ever time, that Omar Sartawi has worked around fruit waste to produce fashionable products. He earlier, curated face masks using aubergine peels, exclusively designed for the VIPS & Fashion Powerhouses Invitation for Fashion Week DXB 2021, front row.


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A great step towards, a green and guilt-free fashion, we hope to see more designers put their expertise into products that speak much more than the glimmer of trends.

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