Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s Statement Leather Cuff

You know what they say about Geminis, right? Twin personalities — that would be me. Some days I’m all about bright colours and maximalist accessories, and other days I just want sleek silhouettes and dainty pieces that appease my minimalist leanings. And who says you can’t have a bit of both in your life? There are no “rules” when it comes to fashion, girls, and the sooner you realise that the easier it’ll be for you to dress up according to all your myriad moods.

When it comes to accessories, most days I prefer wearing a watch, one statement ring and probably a neckpiece if my outfit looks kinda “meh” — I don’t want jewellery coming in the way while I go tap, tap, tap on my laptop through the day. But sometimes, I like to bring out a fun accessory to dress up my day look, especially when it’s Friday (Hello, cocktail-o-clock!). And my go-to choice these days is a chic leather cuff that can take my look from boardroom-to-the-bar in minutes.


Mango Rigid Bracelet

The past few seasons, leather cuffs have had a real moment. From Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs to Mulberry and Céline, there’s been an influx of leather wrist adornments to get that “arm party” started. I blame Hermès for my addiction to leather cuffs (have you seen the gorgeous pieces they create season after season?) — now if only I had the moolah to buy them. #LeSigh.

However, you can always count on high street brands to make creative use of all the inspiration they see on the runways and translate them into affordable baubles that girls like us can wear without blowing a full year’s pay check. Like this sleek black cuff from Mango. Made of textured faux leather to imitate snakeskin, the rose gold metallic fastening gives it a rather luxe touch. Whats more, the chunky size and metal detailing make it LOOK expensive, but it really isn’t!

If you’re feeling like a minimal animal, pair this with a sleeveless shift dress and party flats for Friday evening cocktails. But if maximal glamour is more your vibe, layer this cuff with multiple metal bracelets for a lust-worthy arm candy look. This statement cuff is the perfect piece to let both your personalities shine!

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