Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s Abstract Floral Clutch

Editor’s Pick: Zahra’s Abstract Floral Clutch

I love minimalist design — be it in my clothing choices or accessories. While I still find saturated colours and OTT designs very interesting, they’ve become something of a sensory overload for me lately. Which is why I’ve been gravitating towards understated pieces that tell a story without being too loud.

So the minute I spotted this pretty clutch on a window shopping visit to Indelust, I knew it was perfect for me. Made of white handwoven canvas, this chic roll-up clutch has a bright abstract rose motif that really catches your eye. What’s more, it’s super affordable and casual — perfect for weekends when I don’t want to carry my world along in my handbag.


Cord Rose Roll-Up Clutch


The bag is a design by Delhi-based label Cord, launched by Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh, that’s come to be known for its functional take on everyday accessories. Each pieces is handcrafted and designed with a strong focus on comfort, material and interaction with the body. The label also has some delightfully minimalist leather pieces on sale, but it’s the oversized roll-up clutch that currently has my heart.

SHOP NOW: Cord Rose Roll-Up Clutch (Rs 2,500)

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