Editor’s Pick: Mansi’s Boho Fringed Dress

Editor’s Pick: Mansi’s Boho Fringed Dress

I love wearing dresses and I have quite a collection in my wardrobe already. I can’t stand the thought of freezing in dresses during winters though, which is why I look forward to summer when I can unleash my inner flower child in all its glory. My taste in fashion is pretty much like my taste in make-up. I love to prettify myself but not at the cost of comfort. I like everything to be fuss-free and low-maintenance. This is how I chanced upon this wonderful boho dress. It just adds to my collection of black dresses, and we all know there’s no such thing as having too many black dresses, right?


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BOOHOO Fringed Festival Dress

First of all black is a fail-safe colour and it also provides endless possibilities of styling. You can pair it with any colour and accessorise it differently each time. The colour itself is so versatile. I personally love midi dresses because of their comfort factor. IMO, it’s the perfect length that let’s you have fun without looking schoolmarm-y. Secondly, I loved the hidden surprise of the deep V-neck on the back. It prevents the dress from looking too conservative.

The fringes are my most favourite part of the dress. It elevates the basic black outfit to another level and gives this dress a very boho chic vibe. It is the perfect blend of relaxed yet edgy. This dress would be my first choice for a live concert or music gig in the city. It’s comfortable, chic and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and vibe. Pair it with a slinky silver chain link headchain, some rad ankle-length boots, and an armful of assorted bracelets and you are sorted. This would also make for a relaxed outfit for an evening of street shopping with my girl gang. I would pair it with a silver charm necklace and a suede backpack. I might even throw in a bowler hat to make the look my own!

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