From Barbie Pink To Citrus Orange, Colours That’ll Totally Rescue Your Dull Day!


Fashion and its psychological effects have always served stories and concepts to feed our inquisitive selves. While many perceive fashion as an irrelevant exercise, it sure has the power to manage your moods. With little knowledge available around fashion psychology, fashion and art industries are putting their clearest lenses to understand the human mind and build their marketing strategies. From fixing the price points of a product to assigning colours for occasions, even the smallest of amendments are tailor-made to make a piece an irresistible purchase. Besides the psychological bond, colours also have been bearing the brunt of social perceptions. With white being a distasteful pick for weddings, and black turning into a shield for potential nazar, colours hold meaning for every tradition, home and culture.

Another side to every colour will tell you its impeccable communication skills. From traffic signals and road signs to medical tools, the primary colour palette has the potential to signal both danger and safety. Its undeniable importance in our lives, and with a million of them resting in our closets, colours interestingly can help a sad day look sunny. Yep, that’s right. According to researchers, the perception of a colour is somewhat subjective, but its radiating effects hold universal meaning. With red associated to love and blue with peace, every shade can help dictate your moods on a daily basis. Doing the duties of fixing your feelings, the idea of dopamine dressing tutors a similar concept. A style exercise that aims to uplift your mood or rather help you wear it on your sleeve, the homecoming of dopamine dressing is filling the gaps that the pandemic had dug for us. Loaning help from lively shades, monumental silhouettes and mood-bursting trends, dopamine dressing is singlehandedly tackling the blues.


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The successful effect of this technique is sketching its mark on celebrity Instagram feeds. Post the lull of lockdown, social events, red carpets and promotions have become a tunnel for stars to dress up. Adhering to extensive colour play, actresses Ananya Panday, Shanaya and Janhvi Kapoor are helping fans fall in love with every shade. The brightest minds of Bollywood’s new batch of actors are already basking in the glory of highlighter hues. Hence, we have decided to take some colour therapy to mend our moods.

Blue For Blue

The growing craze for cerulean blue is climbing the ladder of popularity, since the last time we saw it on Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. Ever since then, the iconic importance of shade in every celebrity wardrobe has led us to replicate the same. Associated with elements like–calmness, peace, and trust, blue and its varied versions will help you light up a turbulent day. You can pick a hue of this shade to match your closet character. Heavy incorporation of electric blue, ice blue, teal blue and cerulean, can be used for occasional dressing, special events or just a stroll in the city. You can further experiment with fabric options or inject a spicy colour play, with pink accessories, metallic heels or a yellow clutch.


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Orange Punch 

An important member of the highlighter family, orange is often associated with the idea of experiments. The colour holds the ability to inject confidence and power when you loose self-belief. The citrus colour displays the many flavours of optimism, rejuvenation and feminine energy. While the colour remains blacklisted for many wardrobes, you can incorporate it in the forms of accessories and short-format silhouettes. These various elements can help you gauge your appetite for the shade. Orange can make up for a great pair of heels or even a piece you’d wanna wear to take a dip in the sea. You can also welcome the shade in your holiday wear to even boost the aesthetic energy of your Instagram feed. 


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Barbie’s Pink

Much like celebrities who often get boxed within genres, it has taken pink a million years to now reach a man’s closet. Sincerely serving to the needs of feminine styles, Barbie can be blamed for pink’s massive unpopularity. But thanks to a revised version of the colour, as shown through stylish characters in the cinematic world, and a fabulous return of the shade through Valentino’s PP pink collection, everyone’s energised to paint themselves with a stroke of bright pink. A cousin to colour red, pink’s association with love is its most powerful feature. Besides its bond with romance, the colour’s calming effects have led to the christening of a special–’drunk-tank pink,’ that is used to calm prisoners in a jail. To experiment with the candy hue, you can welcome a plethora of silhouette styles, baby doll dresses, hair accessories, shoes and even bags to experience euphoria. 


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Powerful Purple 

For over many years, purple has shared a deep bond with luxury and creativity. Displaying a sense of spirituality, ambition and richness, the colour is also a great source of calmness. An example of the same is the incorporation of lavender and its essential oil during an anxiety attack, which is known soothe your body. From picking a piece for your closet, in formats like overcoats, and turtlenecks, to power-packed blazers and pants, you can also welcome an element in the shade in your room. 


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Go Green 

Apart from having a platter full of greens, an adequate amount of the colour in your closet can help tackle a moody day. Associated with health, green aims at creating a balance. The colour explores the idea of wishful growth, freshness and manifestation. You can pick any style form in this shade from a structured corset to leather pants, like your favourite celebrities. Much like a fresh garnish on a meal, green can help sprinkle some freshness in your wardrobe and your mood ofc. 


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Tell us which colour are you picking to fix your mood?

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