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This Mother’s Journey Inspired Her New line Of Breastfeeding-Friendly Indian Wear. Fashion With A Purpose!

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While motherhood is a beautiful phase for many women, it sure comes with its own set of challenges. And there’s nothing in the world that prepares you for the hurdles, however, you can prepare your closets for the new journey. One of the many problems faced by new mothers is their relationship with breastfeeding. And chalking out outfits from your comfy, maternity wear collection that makes the journey easier can be a task on its own.

But for one mother, this experience helped her create a tool to help others. Leicestershire’s Hemal Gokani’s struggles with Indian traditional wear and its war with the ease of breastfeeding led her to open her very own line, that brings both ends together. Hemal’s experience with nursing while at events, in her stunning Indian ethnic wear, was nothing short of a nightmare. And it’s when she realised the need to design breastfeeding-friendly occasion wear.

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While many labels have ventured into a section that caters to new mothers, with a variety of breast pads, button-down shirts and blouses, occasion wear seems a tricky business. Why? Because all that glitters is indeed not gold for the child. With high-on trend designs, silhouettes and heavy embellishments being a hurdle in the process, Hemal’s designs unlike the rest, aim to offer a range that is all sorts of comfortable and appropriate for events. Mother of two, Hemal explained how her struggles with her firstborn, carry forwarded till the birth of her second child, and the need for occasion wear with the right technology paved its way.


Image Credits: Hema Gokani (BBC News)

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Marinating practicality with style, Hemal’s designs serve a key feature, the breastfeeding-friendly blouses that help many new mothers cut down on the hassle. Her label–Jiva, UK’s first Indian breastfeeding-friendly clothing line is helping mothers through their new journey. Replete with beautiful designs, trendsetting ruffles, varied colour palettes, and seamless openings, Hemal’s label Jiva prioritises both functionality and creative designs for new mothers. And keeping her designs away from unwanted embellishments, Hemal’s fabric pick like brocade and sheen textures are smarter choices. While wrap-around, tie-up blouses seem to headline her collection, Hemal expressed about her plans to venture into dresses and fresher ethnic wear designs, during an interview with BBC News.

Wisely bridging the gap between consumers and the right products in the market, Jiva helps tackle the problems of nursing while at events, and special occasions, especially when one wants to opt for Indian designer silhouettes, instead of cottage-core maternity dresses.

Image Credits: Hema Gokani (BBC News)

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