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Kareena Reveals Taimur Was An Abrupt Cesarian And How She Struggled With Breastfeeding Because Of It

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It’s quite the trend these days with celebrities and influencers to leverage major life events like marriage or motherhood to create more content and earn some moolah out of it. But as long as this involves them talking openly and candidly about issues that don’t normally get talked about, I am all for it. Take, motherhood, for example, a beautiful, special yet extremely difficult time in a woman’s life, that more and more celebrities are eager to talk about. We’ve heard from the likes of Neha Dhupia, Dia Mirza and even international celebrities like Hilary Duff and Blake Lively on issues like breastfeeding, miscarriages, postpartum depression, loss of sex drive, paparazzi hounding and more. Joining the club is none other than actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is mommy to Taimur Ali Khan and recently, to her second son, Jeh.

On Tuesday, Kareena released her highly anticipated pregnancy book, ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible: The Ultimate Manual for Moms-To-Be’, which is co-written by Aditi Shah Bhimjyani. And from the numerous interviews and social media buss around it, the books sure looks to be full of some insightful personal experiences that Bebo had during her pregnancy. The actor and husband Saif Ali Khan recently became parents to their second son, Jeh, and no better time than now, when all those memories are fresh, to talk about what being a mother twice over was like for Kareena.

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For new moms, the struggles of breastfeeding are rather real, and rarely talked about openly, until now that is. Many female celebrities are speaking up about how due to the over sexualisation of a women’s breasts, the idea of breastfeeding in public is still something that is frowned upon and makes women uncomfortable. What’s more, in a country like India, there is an utter lack of safe spaces in public places where women can breastfeed their children without feeling shame.

In her book, Kareena Kapoor Khan touches upon another issue that many new mothers face when they begin breastfeeding their newborn—not lactating or not lactating enough. It is possible that for some reason, the mother is unable to produce sufficient breastmilk and for those mothers who do not know just how often this can happen, it can be something tremendously painful and frustrating to go through.

Kareena talked about how her elder son, Taimur, was an abrupt cesarian baby, and therefore, she was dry when she first began breastfeeding him.

“I literally had no milk for over 14 days. I was completely dry. My mom and my nurse would be hovering by my side, pressing at my boobs and wondering why ‘it’ wasn’t happening,” writes Kareena in her book. It was only after a fortnight that she was able to lactate a little and feed her son. Until then, she describes the formula food for babies as a lifesaver.

Fortunately, Kareena Kapoor didn’t face this issue during the birth of her second child, Jehangir. She wrote. ”I had much better flow and did manage to nurse him. I’ll admit it – breastfeeding him (and doing it exclusively for a few weeks) felt like an achievement!”

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a huge celebrity and role model for many fans who love and admire her. Having a mainstream celebrity like her talk so openly about her pregnancy makes me glad because it might foster solidarity amongst other women when they know they’re not alone in facing these issues. Our country does live by celebrity endorsements even now. And I love that Bebo is using her clout and fame to spread the right message about issues related to pregnancy that don’t get discussed often.

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