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Boi’s Budget Buys: The Welcome Winter #OOTD

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One universal fashion problem for most girls is, “What do I wear today?” This question has the power to reduce us to a hysterical mess. Fashionista or not, nobody wants sartorial answers that cost a fortune. And let’s just be honest, you’re THE style star if you know how to dress to the nines on a budget. So I’ve taken up this Herculean task: every Saturday, I’ll round up a budget-friendly ensemble for you, all BELOW Rs 10,000. Yes! It’s going to be an entire outfit — from head-to-toe — without breaking the bank. Quite a challenge, right? Scroll down to shop this budget ensemble, and don’t forget to come back every Saturday to discover an outfit that’s yet another steal!

Winter is coming. OK, I may not be a GoT fan *gasp*, but I think that line is pretty cool. Winter is indeed coming, or in some places in our country, it has arrived. And winter dressing is so much fun, right? There’s so much you can experiment with — different ways to layer, hello boots, and generally beingĀ all warm and cuddly, all while feeling super fly. What’s not to love, am I right?

So instead of hunting for outerwear and long jackets for this week’s edit, I decided to shake things up a little bit. Now, the crop top phenomenon has been around for a while, and sure, it’s faded out a bit, but every now and then, you’ll see someone with an annoyingly flat tummy baring it all in one of ’em. Urgh. But there’s always a solution, right? Maybe not in life, but as far as the sartorial world goes, yes, there is always a solution.

A bodysuit under said crop top is the solution. Not only is it edgy and stylish, but hey, you don’t have to freeze your butt off or cut glass with your nipples, either! Win-win, baby! So this week’s look is about staying warm, staying stylish, and feeling #HauteDamn.

Also, I feel like I should mention this — when bodysuits first became a thing, I had to Google them. Why should we wear something that resembles a swimsuit and is terribly painful to pee in? Well, the answer is simple. As opposed to tucked in tees, bodysuits stay in place, no matter what (well, duh), which is why it’s the perfect choice for this ensemble. So slip into one, and you’ll instantly feel more confident too — are you going to say no to something that smoothens out the little flab here and there?

Throw your regular jeans aside for a bit and slip into these burgundy skinnies – coloured pants FTW. You can add a slim gold or black look too, to make it even cleaner. Bodysuit and jeans in place, throw on this lacy, sexy high-neck crop top with an open-back detail, that incidentally matches the jeans. The result is a ‘good-girl-meets-bad-girl’ vibe — sugar and spice, not necessarily everything nice. That the bodysuits plays peek-a-boo at the sleeves, torso, and back is what sets this look apart.

By now, of course, you know about my love for all things gold and shiny. But this one’s totally legit. Don’t these hi-top gold metallic kicks and giant gold hoops just tie in the look so beautifully? I think so. Plus, so comfy!

An unusual layered look that you can take from class to the party, from girls’ night to date night, from Delhi to Mumbai. Multitasking, much? I don’t know about you, but my Bengali-prone-to-feeling-far-t00-cold-wheres-my-monkey-cap genes are ready for winter. Shall we go enjoy the cool, crisp weather now?







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