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Exclusive: Designers Alpana Neeraj’s #LitWithLumi Showcase For FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 Is All About The Right Amount Of Glimmer

March 23, 2022 | by Jasveen Kaur Sawhney

FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week’s season-fluid edit for 2022 has become the new destination for fashion souls. And returning to the physical show this year with their minimal, understated glam, is label Alpana Neeraj. Well described as no fuss, which indeed is what we all are looking at, post a hard goodbye to the previous years’ staple pyjamas. Alpana Neeraj X Lakmé Lumi Cream bring together #LitWithLumi, which resonates with the lustrous, glimmer of Lakmé Lumi Skin Cream, marinated with 3D geometrical designs, easy drapes and volumes. And taking us through the journey of their latest showcase at FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week is the designer duo, Alpana Mittal and Neeraj Chauhan who shared with us some exciting insights from the line-up for the first skincare-inspired showcase at FDCI X LFW.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Take us through the inspiration for this collection.

Alpana Neeraj: This collection is a celebratory return to life after all the uncertainty of the past two years that we have emerged from. Coming out of a difficult situation and building resilience are some of the learnings that the collection takes from. With this, we are attempting to return to life with a joyous celebration.


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Q. What can we expect from the #LitWithLumi show?

Alpana Neeraj: You can expect a beautiful amalgamation between a beauty and a skincare product with a fashion product. Merged with the kind of garments that Alpana Neeraj are known for. You can expect the ebb and flow of some beautiful minimal designs interspersed with drama, shine, and glitter that have been added in bits and parts. The idea was to showcase how we have collectively evolved as individuals and present the amalgamation between wearability and minimalism alongside a red carpet vibe with dramatic elements, something that the Lakmé Lumi Cream wonderfully brings together. It blends skincare and makeup into one, spotlighting your best features while offering the dual benefits of moisturisation and highlighting.


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Q. What is post-pandemic style for you? What more can we see hit the trend button this coming year?

Alpana Neeraj: There have been various genres of style that have come up post-pandemic and there is an audience for each. For us, it is a blend of functionality. Avoiding the excess and what is not needed but without compromising on the playfulness and joy of wearing a beautiful garment. As we slowly get back to in-person functions, meeting loved ones, and being in the moment, this is how the post-pandemic style evolution for us has come about both personally and professionally.


Q. What were the key points you ensured while curating this collaborative collection?

Alpana Neeraj: It was important for us to retain the brand essence of the Lakmé Lumi Cream and what it stands for. At its core, it brings together two functional things onto one thereby eliminating any excessive layering or added steps. The cream is also recognised for its instant 3D glow, and we as a brand have been known to create a lot of 3D structures on otherwise flowy and draped garments. That element was a match made in heaven for both our brands, I think. And it’s what we kept in mind when curating outfits that retained the drama and kept the joy of dressing up.


Q. Which trend do you think will shine this year?

Alpana Neeraj: I think we will see a lot of different trends and I don’t think there will be only one running across the board because we all have evolved and grown through his pandemic very differently. I think a lot of people have come into their own and identify their own personal style, and what makes them feel beautiful and comfortable irrespective of what is trending on the internet. And that is something that is going to be a huge trend. Everyone is all about being comfortable in their own skin, irrespective of ethnicity, race, gender and we’re seeing a lot more inclusivity in the fashion world.

Q. What can we expect from this collection in terms of drapes, embroideries, and colours?

Alpana Neeraj: I think the Alpana Neeraj brand is known for its 3D structures, embroideries, extreme constructive outfits, and we’ve always played with elements that are understated with bursts of bright colours in between and you will see a lot of that in this show as well. However, in a more evolved way. There are a lot of organza drapes, diamond-studded embroideries, cutwork in peaches, off whites, sea greens in a very macaroon sort of palette going into beige, off whites and blacks with pops of strawberry reds in between.

Q. What are the spotlight showstopper elements of the collection?

Alpana Neeraj: I think that a lot of the elements have their own unique show-stopping quality starting from delicate florals and sequins and then there’s a crescendo into diamond-studded 3D patterns, geometrically constructed bodices enhanced with ruffles, exaggerated sleeves and big flared skirts. So, every piece in itself does sort of stand out.


Q. What was the brief in terms of makeup for the showcase, using the Lakmé Lumi Cream?

Alpana Neeraj: The Lakmé Lumi cream is a very versatile and beautiful product. We all know the importance of a good skincare regimen before applying makeup and we also know the importance of a highlighter and how it can help spotlight our best features. So, the makeup artist was briefed in a similar way, taking qualities from the product. The brief was for the skin to look well moisturised, giving it a whole lit-from-within kind of a glow. It’s a very fresh look that highlights the cheekbones, jawlines and high points of the forehead. It comes together with glossy hair and a clean structured face that is very elegant and radiant.

FDCI X Lakmé Fashion Week’s season-fluid edit commenced on March 23, 2022, and will conclude on March 27, 2022.

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