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4 Style Tips That Will Instantly Up Your Fashion Game!

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We’re almost one month into the new year — yes, time passes really fast and if you haven’t attempted a wardrobe update then here’s your chance. New year, new start and all that jazz kept aside, as much as we’d like to say we have enough money to splurge on a completely new wardrobe, the unfortunate truth is that we DO NOT. But that shouldn’t demotivate you from upping your style game. Think about it: updating your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank with a massive shopping spree. There are several ingenious ways in which you can amp up your closet, and trust me it will not cost you much. All you need is a little bit of inspiration and a whole of aspiration … cheesy we know, but that’s the truth!

Here are 4 genius ways to upgrade your favourite pieces this year.


1. It’s all in the eyes

This season, go crazy on the eyewear and experiment with them — sunglasses, frames, the works. Accessorising your eyes are essential when you’re styling your attire; for example, if you are going for a 60s look, you have no clue how a pair of cat-eye sunnies will pull your entire vibe together. Even when you’re just doing jeans and white tee, a smart set of frames will brighten up a boring look. And for when the sun sets, pull out your cute spectacles and flaunt that frame.


2. Invest in belts… a lot of belts!

We all reach that point where we look at our wardrobe and know that we’re bored AF with every outfit in there. In times like that, pull yourself and your ensemble together with a belt. Belts literally make anything stylish. Style your swing dress with a rope belt and ankle boots for an uptown casual look, or wear it with denims and a plain tee for a more casual effect.


3. Lace it all in

If there’s anything that can add that classy element to your ensemble — whether it is a bralette, a scarf, or hairband — adding lace just makes your outfit so much more elegant. Everyone knows that a white shirt and denims have amazing chemistry when styled together. Now imagine popping open a couple of buttons and flaunting a little cleavage with a sexy lace bralette. Picturing it, aren’t you? Don’t you think that it amps up a basic look so much?


4. Bling Ka-Ching!

Who says you can’t rock the minimalistic trend with a little bling? It’s all in the details with this tip. Think out of the box when accessorising: try a cute little leaf clip-on cuff or a one-piece dangle. If you’re thinking of decorating your fingers, then go all out and wear midis as well. Adding blingy jewellery sort of gives a classy touch your plain Jane outfit needs. Brooches, hair-clips, shoe-clips… all are welcome in making this style tip work.


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