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10 Stylish Gifts Your Suave Dad Will Love For Father’s Day!

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When someone in office uttered, “What stories will we work on for Father’s Day?” the collective response was, “When is Father’s Day?” That’s when I remembered that as kids, both my sibling and I always had plans and gifts ready for Mother’s Day. But we’d invariably remember Father’s Day right on the day it was celebrated. So much so, that once my dad even exclaimed how unfair it is that kids are never thoughtful about Father’s Day.

I don’t know why that happens, but I do know one thing for sure… buying a gift for dad is always a herculean task. Calling up your guy friends and asking them, “Where does one find great gifts for dad?” Making a list of stylish things that are in tandem with both dad’s choice and your budget. Then wondering, will he even like that bag I picked out for him?

So, this Father’s Day, I’ve decided to help you with that list. This one’s a curated list for the suave dad, one who’s a style inspiration for the younger men in your family, and the one’s who make your boyfriend question his sartorial choices. Go on, swipe that credit card! Your dad deserves all the love this day.


Nappadori Lionhead Overnighter - Navy Blue Canvas_Hauterfly

Nappa Dori Lionhead Overnighter Bag (Rs 16,500)

Mango Pebbled Leather Oxford Shoes_Hauterfly

Mango Pebbled Leather Oxford Shoes (Rs 9,900)

Amrapali Silver Textured Rhomb Cufflinks_Hauterfly

Amrapali Silver Textured Rhomb Cufflinks (Rs 2,070)

Lacquer Embassy Brown Bow Tie_Hauterfly

Lacquer Embassy Brown Bow Tie (Rs 2,124)

Armani Exchange Hampton Watch_Hauterfly

Armani Exchange Hampton Watch (Rs 11,990)

Next Signature Striped Tie_Hauterfly

Next Signature Striped Tie (Rs 3,190)

Robert Wayne Valor Monk Strap Shoes Valor Monk Strap Shoes_Hauterfly

Robert Wayne Valor Monk Strap  Shoes (Rs 12,990)

Ralph Lauren Hairline Broadcloth Dress Shirt_Hauterfly

Ralph Lauren Hairline Broadcloth Dress Shirt (Rs 6,990)

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses_Hauterfly

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses (Rs 7,990)

Lacquer Embassy Cross Jack Pocket Square_Hauterfly

Lacquer Embassy Cross Jack Pocket Square (Rs 2,499)


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