Exclusive: An Actress Asked Shama Sikander Who Did Her Nose Surgery. THIS Is How She Replied!

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Cosmetic surgery shaming or plastic surgery shaming is rather common in our society. The society that has created unrealistic beauty standards for women is also the society that is anti-plastic surgery. And usually, the actresses are at the receiving end of it all. They’re expected to look flawless all the time but dare they undergo surgery and all hell breaks loose. In a recent conversation with Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist hosted by Siddhaarth Aalambayan, Ye Meri Life Hai star Shama Sikander shared that a leading Bollywood actress once asked her who did her nose surgery and here’s how she responded.


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In episode 51 of The Male Feminist, Shama Sikander recalled an incident when a Bollywood actress asked her “who made her nose” and Shama wanted to do nothing more than give the actress the contact details of her parents who created her. “I was running on a treadmill and Bollywood ki actress hain ek humari, vo aa ke mujhe bolti hain ‘Shama ek baat batao, tumhara naakh kisne banaya?’. Toh main bhaag rahi hoon, haanf rahi hoon and main kahan ‘kya!!’. Main ruk gayi and maine kahan ‘aapne kya pucha mujhe? Tumhara naakh kisne banaya hai?’ Toh maine kahan main ek number deti hoon and I felt like I should give her my parents’ number and say inhone banaya hai mera naakh. Yeh koi sawal hota hai? (a Bollywood actress asked me who made my nose while I was huffing and puffing while running on the treadmill and I just stopped and asked her what did she ask. And then I said I’ll give you a number and I just wanted to give her my parents’ number and say that they made my nose. What kind of question is that?),” said Shama.

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Speaking further about cosmetic procedures, the actress explained that not everything is plastic surgery, some procedures are used to just enhance one’s natural beauty. “People think I walk into a plastic surgery shop and a machine has made me shine and look better every day. Thank you for all these compliments, that must mean I’m really beautiful. But aisa nahi hota hai, har chez plastic surgery nahi hoti hai. There are Botox, fillers and so many other things which do not require surgery. There are many things that you can do to enhance your look if you want to or if you don’t want to. It’s your choice,” said the Ye Meri Life Hai actress.


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