Exclusive: From Gender Neutral Upbringing To Teaching Her Kids About Periods, 6 Revelation Made By Supriya Sule

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Exclusive: From Gender Neutral Upbringing To Teaching Her Kids About Periods, 6 Revelation Made By Supriya Sule

In the recent episode of The Male Feminist, Lok Sabha member Supriya Sule shared her experiences about growing up in a progressive household, parenting and balancing work and family life. In this chat with Hauterrfly, Supriya Sule talked about her ways of parenting and what she values when it comes to the lessons of parenting. Supriya also shared her experiences in politics and her leadership approach to certain situations in life. The political leader made a lot of revelations about her life and how she handles things skillfully.

Supriya Sule On Her Childhood

Supriya Sule talked about her childhood and her family growing up. She revealed how most people think that being from a political background her upbringing was different from most people around her. She added that she also had a childhood like most people around. There were no gender norms in her house, and it has always been a loving, caring sometimes bickering household like all others. She talked about how she has been loved and cared for but at the same time also scolded and beaten if need be.

Supriya Sule On Her Family Life

Supriya Sule revealed she would go on family trips every year and most of her memorable moments in life are from these trips with her parents. She also added that her parents were extremely invested in her as a child and spent a lot of time together as a family. She also talked about her father being there and spending time with her however busy he was, calling him an amazing father, husband and grandfather.


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City Life And Changing Ideas

Lok Sabha Member Supriya Sule talks about how living in the city and changes in society have made people think differently about gender. She’s happy that more people are not judging others based on gender. She thinks this positive change is because of the influence of the city and society. She believes that living in a city had a different influence on gen

Treating Everyone The Same

Supriya Sule says her family doesn’t compare people based on whether they are boys or girls. She doesn’t like the idea of dividing people this way. She wants a world where everyone is treated equally, no matter their gender. She thinks this is a healthier and fairer way to live. Supriya Sule admitted that her parenting lesson was to treat the people around you the way you want to be treated.


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Supriya Sule On Parenting

Supriya Sule believes in trusting her kids to make good choices as they grow up. She thinks being too strict is not necessary. She trusts that her children, now adults, will make responsible decisions. The Congress leader encouraged everyone to trust young people and guide them to become responsible citizens. She talked about how her way of parenting is trusting her children which makes her relationship with her children.

She also added that if you trust your children fully in the family, they surprise you and make you happier. Supriya Sule expresses her trust in children and emphasizes the need for simple rules, like never to be broken, for overall well-being. She advocated for treating people the way you want to be treated, respecting others’ choices, and not allowing certain things like tobacco and drugs.


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Supriya Sule On Period Conversations With Kids

Indian politician Supriya Sule opened up about having conversations about periods with her kids. She emphasized the importance of educating and giving knowledge about this natural phenomenon, indicating that it’s something that happens biologically, and it’s crucial to talk to kids about it. She mentions the strategic timing for such discussions, like during evening gatherings at home. She went on to highlight the importance of keeping communication straightforward.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Congress leader Supriya Sule reflected on her personal and professional life, mentioning that she stopped feeling guilty about being a working woman. She emphasizes the need for women to have a career and discusses the balance between family and career. She stresses that feeling guilty is unnecessary and that women should focus on what makes them happy.


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Hauterrfly’s conversation with Supriya Sule offered a unique insight into her life, blending political leadership with personal values. She highlighted breaking gender norms, emphasizing equality, and her upbringing.

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