6 Love Advices By Jaya Bachchan That Will Help You Navigate Your Relationships Better

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6 Love Advices By Jaya Bachchan That Will Help You Navigate Your Relationships Better

Love and wisdom go hand in hand, especially when it comes from someone as iconic as Jaya Bachchan. FYI What The Hell Navya is a series where Navya Naveli Nanda talks about love, glamour and empowerment along with her mother Shweta Bachchan and nani Jaya Bachchan. In a recent episode of this series, the Bachchan women spilled the beans on modern love and romance. From navigating red flags to celebrating self-love, here is some love advice Jaya Bachchan offered on matters of the heart.


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Being Polite Matters

Jaya Bachchan isn’t just about romance; she’s all about respect! She hilariously points out that bad manners, like using “tu” or “tum,” are a total no-no in her book. If your partner isn’t polite, it might be a good idea to slow things down! Jaya Ji believes being kind and respectful is super important in any relationship. She thinks small acts of kindness and respectful talking help build trust and understanding between partners.


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Jaya Bachchan On Expectation In Love

When Navya Naveli Nanda talked to her nani Jaya Bachchan about how people tend to make their partner their entire world and expect all the happiness from them, Jaya Ji questioned why one should expect their happiness to come from someone else. Talking further she shared a piece of advice by her mother-in-law “The less you expect from people, the less disappointment you’ll face”.

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It’s Okay To Be Single

Jaya Bachchan understands the pressure of being single in a world that’s all about being in a relationship. She reminds us that it’s totally fine to be on your own until you’re really ready to be with someone. Take your time, no need to rush—just enjoy being single until the right person comes along! According to Jaya Ji, loving yourself is key! She thinks it’s important to respect yourself first because if you don’t, how can you love someone else?


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Mixing Old and New

The Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham star knows how to blend old-fashioned charm with a modern twist for a timeless romance. She likes to mix traditional values like respect with a bit of modern excitement. Who says being polite and courteous is old-fashioned? While Jaya Ji values old-school manners, she also thinks it’s cool to embrace modern ideas about love and relationships. Finding a balance between the two makes for a strong and lasting connection.

On Being Yourself In A Relationship

Further into the conversation, Shweta Bachchan talks about her daughter Navya Naveli Nanda being an over-pleaser pointing out that it isn’t the best trait to have in a relationship. Jaya Ji added it’s important to be yourself regardless of whether it’s a good trait or not. She added that the most important thing in a relationship is to be natural, if you try to do something that doesn’t come to you naturally you tend to make more mistakes.


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Love Comes In Many Forms

Jaya Bachchan tells young people to appreciate all kinds of love, whether it’s romantic, family, or friends. By recognizing and valuing different kinds of love, we can build stronger connections and have better relationships overall. Love takes patience and understanding, especially during tough times, according to Jaya Bachchan. By being patient and kind, couples can get through hard times and come out even stronger.

In a world where love can be tricky, Jaya Bachchan’s advice shines bright showing us the way to lasting relationships. Let’s keep her words close to our hearts as we navigate the ups and downs of love, finding comfort and inspiration in her timeless wisdom. In the professional forefront, Jaya Bachchan was last seen in the Karan Johar directorial Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani alongside Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh and Dharmendra giving the newest idea of modern romance with a masaledaar twist.

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