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7 Ways A Real Relationship Is Much More Beautiful Than A Casual One

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I know there are several people out there who will disagree with me. Casual lovers have done them good and they are skilled at navigating the world where no strings get attached. I envy them, to be honest. Ideally, I would love it if I didn’t get attached or needed emotional connection but my demisexuality refuses to let me have some casual fun. Having said that, I still believe the kind of calm a real, beautiful relationship brings you is far superior to the thrill of something temporary and casual.

The naysayers will be like relationships suck, love sucks and everything else sucks except the fact that they probably have horrible dating patterns and baggage that they haven’t healed from. It’s easy to put the onus on love, but it’s really us that are messed up.

If you find love knocking on your door, let it in! Here’s why relationships are so much more beautiful than something casual!

  • You get surprised how he feels the same way you do

When he tells you these little things, like how he looks at your pictures when he misses you, or how he talks about you with his friends, you feel so surprised. Wow, he does these silly things too and you thought it was just you! Well, here’s the thing about mutual love – he’s as crazy about you as you are about him! Doesn’t that feel amazing?

  • You get used to receiving

When he does these cute little things that just makes your heart melt, you wonder what you did to deserve so much love. He remembers the things you say, goes out of his way to make time for you and puts you above everything. He cares for you so much and you don’t even have to ask for it. You forget what it’s like to be loved in the substandard way of dating these days!

  • He doesn’t hide you like you’re a dirty secret

He is crazy about you and that is so evident, he can barely contain it. His friends know about you and chances are, his family does too! When you’re in a real relationship, there’s no need to hide it. So you can love freely, and not feel like you’re getting less space in his social life than what you deserve.

  • You are not afraid of being vulnerable

When you’re with someone casually, you don’t want to show your vulnerable side to them. You don’t know if you will be ridiculed, embarrassed, or feel rejected. All these complications don’t apply when you’re in a healthy relationship. You can bare your soul and show them how much they mean to you, without fear!

  • You can do embarrassing things, freely!

When you’re in a relationship, you start looking a little more homeless and less made-up when you meet them or on video calls. You aren’t afraid to say embarrassing things or share a dumb moment with them because they love you, they are biased!

  • Uncertainties aren’t chewing away at your peace of mind

Does he like me? Is it okay if I call him every day or will it be too much? If I don’t call him at all will I seem super disinterested? Am I replying to his texts too quickly? When is the expiry date? None of these uncertainties remain when you’re in a healthy relationship. So much more peace!

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  • You’re falling for him more every day – and it doesn’t scare you

You don’t realise it every day but suddenly when you back, you realise you’ve come closer. The love just keeps increasing, your relationship is progressing. Unlike a casual arrangement, this isn’t going in circles, leaving you stuck in the same place. And when you realise you love him more, it doesn’t scare you because you know you may be falling, but you’re not falling alone!

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