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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Fall For F**kbois

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I wouldn’t say I have figured it all and now, fuckbois can’t charm my heart off me. Fuckbois aren’t just those men with bad intentions. They aren’t just the really evil bad boys who are here to take advantage of you. In fact, the worse kind come under the guise of being your dream partner. I really don’t care about those guys who are so bad that you want to do them. Nope. I like good guys. But I used to easily believe the façade these guys would put up in the start – so typical of narcissistic men.

If I didn’t love myself enough or didn’t know my self-worth, I would have stayed in toxic relationships or in can’t-commit-but-will-act-like-it relationships forever. Having said that, I am much more aware of the red flags now. I like to use my bad dating experiences to learn more about humans and relationships.

So if I spot a man who seems like he can have fuckboi tendencies, I am not waiting around to see if he can prove me wrong. I love how my heart and mind are aligned right now, both seeking what is truly good for me. If you can relate to this, I bet you had your own share of heartbreaks as well as epiphanies and now you’re on the right path.

If you’re not there yet – having shattered the toxic patterns – you will get there soon. At least you can flip off Covid – 19 because you never had taste anyway! But here you are, recognising your worth and realising the guy you cried over was just trash wrapped in gold foil.

I believe some of us are more prone to falling for the wrong guys. Like my best friend is just too smart for that. This is probably why I used to be low-key scared of her because if I talk about the fuckboi I like, she will tell me like it is. God, such best friends are great. Which one are you? The one who falls for fuckbois? Or the one who is there for her best friend while she is going through a heartbreak?

If you belong to one of these zodiac signs, you’re definitely the one with horrible taste in men, as per your dating history. You’re a queen, and you can do better.


You see that extrovert guy who is surrounded by several women and who feels it is his moral duty to please each one of them? Yeah, he is your type of fuckboi. You love the kind of effervescence he brings to your life. The way he brings passion, seduction and heavy flirting along makes him such a thrilling romantic interest, except he offers the same cheap deal to five other unsuspecting women. Douchebag!


You love yourself some banter and this guy indulges the conversationalist in you in the best possible way. You are smitten with how intellectual and deep this guy is, with all the philosophical theories he speaks about. But eventually, you start wondering if you can unsubscribe from these lectures and do the normal witty banter. And then he cribs that you’re shallow when he’s the one having political pillow talks with two other women.


You are a nurturer – someone filled with an abundance of love and warmth. When you fall for someone, you stick around, being their rock, filling the void in their heart with your love. You keep filling their cup until you have nothing left in your own. And then you realise that well, they threw it all away. So you tried to fix a fuckboi but now you’re as empty as him. But they underestimate you, woman. You know when to walk away and stand for what you deserve!


You feel so intensely in love when you fall for someone. That means you try to make things work and often that takes the ball away from your court. Of course, you love mystery and toxic, obsessive partners. Unfortunately, the mysterious man who keeps to himself is probably everywhere he shouldn’t be, doing things you shouldn’t be finding about. But when you do give up on that fuckboi, you will never go to the same toxic pattern again!

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You’re so optimistic and non-judgemental but hey, a little judging will save you the trouble. You love it how he makes you laugh, how he takes charge and how he is all about adventure. But you realise you’re giving more than you’re getting. The fuckboi makes the entire relationship about himself, taking advantage of your niceness. That’s when you draw the line, walk the hell out and close down. Don’t shut down. Just find someone worth your time! No more fuckbois!

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