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Zodiac Signs That Find Joy In Little things And Are Better At Being Happy

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When I was a kid, I watched The Pursuit of Happyness with full concentration. Back then I had no idea just how popular that movie was and I just watched it because it was on TV. I was unprepared because my empathetic heart made me cry several times in the film. Having said that, ever since then I took the pursuit of happiness very seriously. I believe being happy is a fundamental right and everybody should have the freedom to pursue what makes them joyful. Of course, if it doesn’t harm others or isn’t illegal.

Breakups, disappointments, failures and the mere realisation that life is often unpredictable and adulting, hard can make us drown in sorrows. That is, if we let them! I believe it is my genuine desire to be happy that helps me bounce back from heartbreaks quickly. And if you ask me, I find joy in little things. I have really cheap thrills!

Finally getting around to working out at home (and buying a yoga mat that I actually use!), starting a new series and completing it, enjoying my favourite breakfast, spending time with a loved one, finishing eight hours of sleep, ordering my fav coffee – anything can make me happy.

And why not? It’s the little things that count! With the way India is drowning under the tsunami of the pandemic this is, it’s very hard to keep our mental health in good shape. Sometimes, with the way people are suffering, even the tiniest thing you do to make you happy seems selfish. When you’re enjoying a beer at home, watching Netflix knowing that people don’t even have access to a good supply of oxygen. But we must not let our mental health crash and try to find joy in little things.

Here are a few zodiac signs that are actually very good at finding happiness in small things – a trait we all should aim for, especially during the lockdown.


For people born under the zodiac sign of Gemini, happiness is showing kindness to people they love. They love doing these little things for people they have in their lives and it just fills them with joy. These are the people who will cheer you up when you’re feeling low, tell you how amazing you are and when they see you happy, it will make them happy too. Now it’s not all about selflessness for them. Give them their fav dessert and hear them squeal with joy!


People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are realistic people who prepare for the worst. Yet, they love surrounding themselves with positivity. It means when their online order finally gets delivered, they have an aura of peace and contentment. They will find their happiness – whether it is scoring their favourite (and rare) flavor of ice-cream, being complimented at work or spending a romantic evening with bae.


Cancerians are all about their relationships and find immense joy when a loved one makes them feel, well loved. Playing card games with their friends and cousins, speaking to a long-distance friend or just watching 500 cat/dog videos online can get them smiling from ear to ear.


People born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius are brimming with optimism and self-awareness. They love investing time in nurturing themselves including doing anything that helps their heart glow. Be it a workout, a cooking sesh or an attempt to rejuvenating their soul – when their efforts bring even the smallest growth, it fills them with joy!



Aquarians are cheerful, happy people who may be overthinkers but they hate being in a state of worry for long. It has taken them some time to achieve being unperturbed by most things and finding cheap thrills in the littlest things! Whether they buy something new or find a relatable character on a show or simply have a Eureka moment at work – Aquarians pursue happiness like their life depends on it!

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The non-materialistic zodiac of all – they find joy in being resourceful to others. They are empathetic people and when they are able offer some respite to someone, they feel content. Pisceans love being in their dream world and even when real life is shitty, they find an escape into things that keep them sane.

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