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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Ruled By Their Emotions

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A lot of people are of the opinion that they are emotional, but hey, feeling emotions doesn’t mean you’re ruled by them. It just means you’re not a sociopath or are not a potential to be a threat to our safety, which by all means is a good thing. I mean, it doesn’t rule you out; there are crimes of passion too. Anyhoo, there are a lot of people who don’t make decisions based on their emotions. They go with practicality and probably look at those struggling with their emotions with astonishment. They probably look at emotional idjits (like me) and wonder, what’s with these layers of feelings?

However, I feel every sensitive person needs a person who can balance the waterworks. You know to avoid flooding! Over the past few years, I have worked on my tendency to think from my heart. I say no when I must. I walk away when I must. I try to keep reason over feelings. And sometimes, the battle is exhausting but other times, I feel more in charge of my life.

Has it ever happened that you were head over heels with this hot mess but he was too damaged to care? And there you are, giving him all the nurturing you can because your heart just aches in love for him. But eventually, you realise it’s just leaving you chillin’ at the dead-end like it’s Starbucks and they are handing out free coffees.

When it comes to friends, you are selfless and there have been times, you’ve been taken advantage of. There are times when something so small ends up meaning so much to you. Your family? You have at least one family member you’ve sworn absolute support and unconditional love to!

Turns out, people belonging to these zodiac signs are naturally inclined towards being emotional. Do we know them or are we them?


If someone was handing out awards for the most empathetic zodiac sign, yours would probably give to the one who came second, out of selflessness. You are emotional, caring, and sensitive; you can simply sense what your loved ones are feeling. You’re also philosophical and often find yourself lost in thoughts – of an all-consuming romance, of your past, your future, and what makes you, you!


You may come across as detached to many but those closes to you know that you place your loved ones above everything else. However, in spite of feeling so much love, you rarely ever actually show your emotional side. Vulnerability is not your cup of tea – you feel it but you don’t show it. So when there’s a high tide of feelings, you bottle them in and retreat till you’re better at hiding those again.


You’re so sentimental that you hold on to little memories oh-so-dearly! Your love for your family, friends, and bae knows no bound. In fact, while generally you’re always being cheerful and bringing your loved ones some joy, often you feel gloomy. And then, all you need is a ton of affection from people who matter to you!


You’re all chill until the time your heart is filled with sad or negative emotions. Oh boy, you’re someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, whether you intend to or not. A few people may call it drama but those close to you know that you just feel a little more strongly than others. If anything, you are emotionally intelligent!

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Your feelings and emotions are intense; you know not of mildness and moderateness. Whether it is love, passion, attachment, or anger and jealousy – you feel every ounce of your emotions quite strongly. In fact, you express them in very clear, uninhibited ways so your loved ones are familiar with your intense emotions. That includes being cranky because you hated your lunch!

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