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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Moving On First

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When it comes to relationships and the end of them, the world is terribly cruel to the one who is moving on first, especially if you are a woman. If you are not heartbroken and crying for at least months, then it means you were not an honest partner. So when you move on and start dating someone else, they will claim that you broke up because you were probably cheating on your ex with this guy. Or they tell you that you are so promiscuous, you keep going through romantic partners like their clothes on a rack.

Firstly, who asked these so-called well-wishers to get so invested in someone else’s love life? Secondly, they must not shame you for moving on. They would immortalise your love story and praise you for being the most amazing partner if you just couldn’t heal. What’s so wrong with healing?

This is not just the people around you but also your ex who takes it like a colossal blow to his ego that you moved on. I mean, if the breakup happened, why should you just delay healing? This is absurd.

Don’t let them guilt you for moving on first. Here’s why you should not pay any heed to their opinions and do what makes you happy. There’s no such thing as too soon.

1)      It doesn’t mean you loved them less

A relationship doesn’t end with a breakup necessarily. It starts evaporating gradually, especially since the time you lose hope. Me? I tend to give a 100 % before I call it off. So when I have exhausted my energy, I just wait till the entire relationship has evaporated. Before that, if he tried to fix things, good. Otherwise, it’s over much before it actually is. So essentially, I am moving on much before the breakup actually happens. And they may get mad at you for moving on first but it doesn’t mean you loved them less. You just loved yourself enough to not let a person hurt you more.

2)      It just means you know how to heal

There is nothing romantic about not healing. It just means they are not emotionally mature to handle things not going their way. It just means they have been inflicting psychological pain on themselves by ruminating over the breakup. You’ve earned it. You’ve learnt to heal and grow and reverse the damage done. You’re strong and don’t let them guilt you for it.

3)      Time is precious and why should you wait around dead ends?

If I was supposed to keep wasting time over my ex much after it ended, why did I end it? Time is precious and the more days you waste crying over spilled milk, the longer it’s gonna take to have what you deserve. The breakup is done and dusted.

4)      You’re happy and you deserve it

I don’t see any reason a person should expect you to be sad about things when you are fully capable of being happy. You suffered enough in your previous relationship. You love yourself enough to whole-heartedly pursue happiness. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. If your ex has a problem with you being happy, you should just be double happy because he sounds like a douche!

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5)      You don’t owe anyone an explanation

Whether you found someone new or you just found yourself again, you don’t owe anyone any explanation. Let them think whatever they want. Even chocolates can’t make everyone happy, you’re just a human. All you need to do is make yourself happy!

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