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Woman Is Frustrated With Husband’s Uninhibited Farting In Public. What A Stinky Situation

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They say you must love your partner the way they are. All of us have our own imperfections and quirks and we need someone to embrace those. However, what if your partner’s quirk is farting in public, oh-so-proudly? I’d say it would be pretty hard to embrace that because it’s stinky and a little in violation of basic etiquettes. Sure, I don’t care much for code of conduct otherwise I’d have to make sure my bra strap is never visible or not sit with my legs apart. You know, so unfair to women. But I do believe in etiquettes that save the general public from horrifying un-pleasantries. A woman recently shared how her husband loves farting out loud, in public and leave his stinky gas there like it’s an air freshner.

She recounted a time when she was having a get-together with her colleagues and boss for the first time, in an informal manner. When she introduced her husband to her boss, he shook hands and let out a big, smelly fart!

The woman told Kidspot that her husband was so comfortable farting in front of her boss, that it almost felt like that’s how people greet everywhere. She added that she isn’t shaming him for something natural but she wants him to at least do it at home or in the washroom. The woman emphasised that all she wants is her husband to not go off in unapologetically in public places.

“Instead, he is very comfortable, confident even, in letting the loudest and most foul-smelling farts out whenever and wherever he needs to,” the woman told Kidspot. Her husband though says, ‘Better out than in” whenever she flags the farting with him.

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The woman said while shopping, she just pretends she doesn’t know him but in social gatherings she has no choice. She ends up apologising on her husband’s behalf. She expressed her frustration of feeling embarrassed time and again and not knowing what to do. Oh boy, what a stinky situation!

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