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Woman Granted Permission To Collect Critical Husband’s Sperm For Pregnancy. This Is So Wholesome

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Sometimes, I wonder what marriages feel like. I mean, when I fall in love with someone, I get so attached to them. But living with someone, going through ups and downs and building together must mean so much more. I feel at some point, even if they annoy you sometimes, you may not want to imagine a life without them. Here, I fall in love and start wondering if there’s a future with them. When you’re already married, have so many things in mind. Maybe you are thinking of buying a house after two years. Maybe you are planning to go on that Europe trip next year. Or maybe it’s something as small as going to the hills in December. But when something unforeseen threatens to take it all away from you, it must be so devastating. Recently, a woman requested the court to grant her permission to collect her husband’s sperm for an IVF pregnancy, as he has low chances of survival.

It’s heartbreaking but I am glad she will still be able to go ahead with bearing her husband’s child, even if he isn’t able to make it. Turns out, the husband has COVID-19 and is in a critical condition. The doctors have said that there are high chances of him not making it through.


Because of this, the wife wanted to collect his sperm sample so she can bear his child via IVF or ART. However, keeping in mind consent, a case like that needs special permission from the court. And the Gujarat High Court accepted the request; it directed a hospital in Vadodara to do the procedure for the woman.

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The hospital got a green signal from the court and now the sperm sample can be collected and stored in the right way until it’s time to use it. Thankfully, she will be able to bear his child and at least some part of her future dreams will be fulfilled.

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