Gynaecologist Reveals Why Men MUST Take The HPV Vaccine. Yes, Men Need It Too!

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Gynaecologist Reveals Why Men MUST Take The HPV Vaccine. Yes, Men Need It Too!

Vaccines play a crucial role in ensuring protection from various infections and diseases. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, often associated with women, is equally significant for men. Dr. Anjali Talwalkar, a highly experienced gynaecologist with over 25 years in the field, emphasizes the importance of the HPV vaccine for both genders. This simple yet powerful preventive measure goes a long way in safeguarding individuals from potential health risks, contributing to a healthier and safer community overall. Here’s everything you need to know about the HPV vaccine for men.

Available For Men Up To 26 Years

The HPV vaccine isn’t only for ladies; it’s also for men up to the age of 26. Dr. Talwalkar pointed out that men can pass on the HPV infection, so it’s essential to make sure they get vaccinated too. This not only keeps men safe but also helps reduce the spread of HPV in the community.

Preventing Oral, Penile, And Genital Warts

One great thing about the HPV vaccine for men is that it helps prevent not just cervical cancer in women but also other health issues when it comes to men. Dr. Talwalkar highlighted that the vaccine can stop oral, penile, and genital warts and lower the risk of other cancers linked to HPV in men. This broad protection shows why it’s crucial to include men in HPV vaccination programs.

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Ways To Detect HPV In Men

Finding out if someone has HPV is important for early treatment. Dr. Talwalkar explained that there are simple methods to detect HPV in men. Swabs, like those for the mouth, throat, and anal areas, can be used to collect samples for testing. These methods help doctors identify HPV and take the right steps to treat it.

Taking An Overall Approach To Health

Dr. Talwalkar’s way of looking at healthcare involves thinking about the whole person. By organising health camps and introducing new techniques, like colposcopy for early detection of cervical cancer, she and many other doctors aim to spread awareness about the importance of preventive measures.

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In summary, the HPV vaccine for men is crucial to staying healthy. Getting vaccinated up to the age of 26 is important for men as well. This vaccine not only helps prevent various health issues but also supports a community-wide effort to stop the spread of HPV.

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