Exclusive: What Are The Early Signs Of Cervical Cancer? Gynaecologist Talks About Things To Keep An Eye On

Prevention is better than cure!
Exclusive: What Are The Early Signs Of Cervical Cancer? Gynaecologist Talks About Things To Keep An Eye On

Cervical cancer is a health concern that isn’t talked about much, especially in India. With more conversation about it around us now, everyone needs to understand what cervical cancer is all about. Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao Gandhi, a women’s health expert, in an exclusive conversation with Hauterrfly, shared insights about the causes, early signs and precautions of cervical cancer in depth. With January being the Cervical Cancer Awareness month, it’s a good time to understand more about the early signs of cervical cancer and take the right steps towards it.

Dr. Gandhi wants to help women understand more about cervical health. She shared crucial insights into the early warning signs that can make a significant difference in the early detection and effective management of cervical cancer. We believe that prevention is any day better than cure, taking the right steps towards your health is vital. Here are the early signs of Cervical Cancer to look out for.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Dr. Gandhi stresses the importance of paying attention to changes in vaginal discharge. Any changes in colour or smell could indicate infections or abnormalities. Understanding these variations and seeking medical advice thoroughly is key.


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Pelvic or Lower Back Pain

Persistent pelvic or lower back pain should not be ignored. Dr. Gandhi explains that such discomfort can be a signal of potential issues related to cervical health. Regular check-ins with a healthcare professional can help address these concerns and work towards them.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding

Keeping an eye out for unexpected bleeding between periods, during or after sex, or post-menopause is important. Dr. Gandhi advises that these instances require check-ups. If you are experiencing unusual bleeding, it’s a sign that you should talk to a doctor and find out what might be going on.


Unintended Weight Loss

Dr. Gandhi also added that significant and unexplained weight loss without a clear cause is a warning sign. Seeking a medical evaluation is important to rule out potential issues that might lead to any cervical health concerns.

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Pain Or Discomfort During Sex

Unusual pain or discomfort during sexual activity is not normal. Dr. Gandhi explains that such experiences could be an indication of issues that need attention and precaution. If one experiences such pain, it’s recommended that they have open communication with healthcare professionals.

Remembering these signs is really important for all women. Dr. Gandhi’s advice is to understand problems early, which makes it easier to treat them. Going for regular check-ups and screenings helps keep your reproductive health in good shape. So, if you notice any of these signs, don’t wait – talk to a healthcare professional. Dr Ashwini Gandhi’s advice is a helpful guide for women to take care of their health and be proactive in finding and managing cervical cancer early.

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