Twitter Users Share Mental Health Advice If You’re Too Broke To Pay For A Therapist. But Why Is Therapy So Expensive?

While I grew up being pretty ignorant of my mental health issues but have learned to be more self-aware and talk about them as frankly and openly as I can. I believe that not talking about these problems makes them taboo, hindering conversations around mental health problems most of us go through. I believe that my own understanding and awareness about my mental health began by talking about them with friends and finding online forums/communities that create awareness about this. Having said that, I will admit that the most help I have gotten with my mental health is going to therapy. While therapy might seem like a slow process, finding a good therapist is what is essential to finding the help you personally need. But, if you are not in a position to get therapy and still would like some advice, Twitter user @hoesluvad has asked on Twitter about advice given by therapists and the responses will enlighten and hopefully, help you.

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One of the biggest issues in our country is how expensive mental health care is. It takes anywhere between ₹700 – ₹3,000 for one session which is generally around an hour long. Moreover, finding a good therapist within itself is hard. Most people don’t understand that therapy is an interactive experience so finding an expert who can help you, in the way you need is important. Plus, there is a major taboo around mental health conversations as most people in India don’t even think that taking therapy is important. Unfortunately, despite being 2022, people still don’t talk about or even acknowledge issues like depression or anxiety. And this is so bad that there have been so many instances of people opening up about these problems being called overdramatic and not being taken seriously. This is why I am glad that on some level people are discussing this and helping each other get better.

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