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Twitter Thread About A 28 YO Girl Being Abused For Wanting To Marry Her Boyfriend Left Us Speechless

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While I wouldn’t call my family a feminist one, I know that compared to many daughters from typical patriarchal Indian families, I am blessed to have the parents I do. We have our arguments and clashes but I know their heart is in the right place and they are supportive of my endeavours which I am grateful for. However, not everyone is that lucky and I came across this harsh reality when I befriended a girl who came from an extremely patriarchal family. Some of the atrocities she went through at her home were horrendous and absolutely scary to hear as a daughter me. And clearly, I am not the only one as I read this Twitter thread by @ilizbethnoble about a friend of hers who was abused by her parents simply because she wanted to marry a man they didn’t approve of. Yes, not something uncommon but still horrible!

This is happening to an adult woman, let that sink in…

How cruel is this?!

Of course they didn’t!

The boy’s family is the real hero here!

The more I read this thread, the more sorry I feel for her

As someone who values her degree over everything, this triggers me so much!

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Imagine being an adult and still having to be this scared of your parents

The father-in-law we didn’t know we needed!

Saajan ji ghar aaye!!!

Again, the family is the hero!

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Here is how the Tweeple reacted to this,

I do agree with what the Twitter user is saying. I genuinely believe that a parent’s job is to provide for and raise the child in the best possible environment they can. But that doesn’t mean your child owes you anything. Raising a child was a choice made by the parents. It doesn’t mean that the child has to follow whatever they say for the rest of their lives. I believe it is important for parents to understand that their children have lives of their own. While our parents have gone through their lives and made the choices they did, it is unfair for them to not give their kids the freedom to do as they please. Ultimately, aren’t they the ones who will have to live with the person they marry and not the parents?

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