She’s Just Like You And Me (Without The Crores, Of Course)

She’s Just Like You And Me (Without The Crores, Of Course)

I must admit straight off the bat that it’s been a long while since a book has made me laugh. And not in the way you laugh out loud at the absurdity of situations around you; but more like a cheeky chuckle over an insider joke that few know and fewer still can understand. Twinkle Khanna’s Mrs Funnybones is that kind of book.

Based on her hit newspaper columns for DNA After Hours and The Times Of India — but fleshed out beyond the 800-word limit — the book cements Khanna’s status as one of India’s most humorous, new literary voices and we aren’t complaining. Full of wit and deliciously droll observations, the book captures an exaggerated version of the actor-star wife-entrepreneur-newspaper columnist-newly minted author’s (phew!) everyday life, and it’s proof that we’re all very wrong when we assume that a Bollywood star wife can neither write nor be funny.


Part memoir part mommy musings, there’s tons of wicked wordplay and hilarity to make even the most serious topics palatable. Wodehouse-esque references abound as the book talks about everyday things, random musings and life experiences, with the author poking fun at just about everyone, including herself. The self-deprecation and incredibly humorous world view are the most amusing bits.
The book stars, besides the eponymous Mrs Funnybones, the Man of the House (aka a certain Bollywood superstar also known as Akshay Kumar), The Prodigal Son (their son Aarav), The Baby (their little daughter Nitara), The Domestic Wonder, and cameos by The Mother (Dimple Kapadia), mother-in-law, various Parsis, and several dogs.       

This home made cookie has dialogues by moi-direction by the prodigal son&a cameo by Mr K #HolyCow #MrsFunnybonesBook A video posted by Twinkle Khanna (@thewhitewindow) on


Endearing, real and well written, Twinkle’s personality really does come through in the book. She’s good-natured and incredibly relatable, so much so that at several points in the book you forget that she’s a celebrity. This is what makes the book so much like a conversation with your 2 am friend – she really is just like you and me.

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