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Thoughts Every Girl Has About Marriage!

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It’s weird how once a girl has graduated, people stop looking at her as a regular human being and more as “bride material”. At every family function ever, there is only one question on everyone’s minds – When will she get married?

TBH it’s a question that haunts us girls too. No matter how much we enjoy singledom, we do think about marriage every now and then. On one hand, we want our independence, and on the other, the thought of spending our lives with someone we love is pretty exciting too.

So yes, when you bring up marriage, a million thoughts cross our minds — from how we never want to tie the knot #cozfreedom, to practically imagining every little detail of the wedding – clothes, guest list, invitations, everything!

If you’re still single and waiting for THE ONE, watch the video above and LOL at how relatable it is!


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