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This Woman Told A Huge Lie And Falsely Accused A Man Of Raping Her. This Is A Step Backwards For Women Everywhere

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A huge amount of rape cases that take place in our country go unreported. Ever wondered why that is? It’s primarily because when a woman goes to report a rape, she is dragged through the mud. The police ask her invasive and insensitive questions and make them repeat every gory detail over and over again. It’s shameful. Now, after knowing what these women are put through, you and I can agree that a woman must never jeopardize whatever little our word is worth right? Well, this message is not clear to everyone because there are a few women who lie about being raped just to punish a man. Like this woman from Tamil Nadu, we are discussing today who lied about a man raping and impregnating her. These women deserve equally harsh punishment because false rape charges can be very damaging. 

You see, after seven years of facing a trial for a crime he didn’t commit, the man, Santosh, won a compensation suit against a woman who had falsely accused him of raping and impregnating her. As per a court in Tamil Nadu, the woman has to pay him 15 lakh for framing him. The woman’s plan completely unravelled when the DNA test confirmed that Santosh is not the father of her child. Now, this is justice. 

It all started when Santosh’s parents fixed his marriage with this woman. However, they parted ways due to a property dispute between the families. A while later, the woman’s mother told Santosh’s family that he had impregnated her daughter and demanded they be wed immediately. When Santosh denied having sexual relations with the woman, she and her family filed a rape complaint against him. 

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Based on the complaint, Santosh was arrested. He was produced in a court which ordered to remand him in judicial custody for 95 days. He was released on bail on February 12, 2010. By this time, the woman in question had delivered a baby girl. A DNA test was done and it was confirmed that Santosh was not the father. Then, after a trial that went on for more than seven years, a Mahila Court acquitted Santosh on February 10, 2016. 

After it was proven that the woman had lied about being raped, Santosh filed a compensation suit against the woman. He demanded Rs 30 lakh in damages since this false rape case had destroyed his career. Deciding on the case, the court awarded him Rs 15 lakh in compensation which is payable by the woman and her parents for falsely accusing him of rape. 

You know, as much as we condemn rape, falsely accusing a man is equally worse? There are consequences to lying about something as sensitive as this. And I don’t mean just monetarily. Some woman somewhere is being denied justice because now her rape accusation will be handled with doubt. She will be asked more questions and her character will be further assassinated. And while the police are busy wondering whether the victim is lying or not (like this woman was), the actual accused will have escaped. Not to mention, this woman completely ruined Santosh’s life. It’s just shameful and she needs to be held accountable. 

This woman has just made it even tougher for women to be taken seriously.

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