This Woman Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Girl Despite Being Born Without A Uterus

I remember sitting in 9th-grade biology and thinking about how fabulously complicated the female anatomy is. We were learning about the female reproductive system. It was probably the only time I have fully paid attention to biology and actually wanted to study it. Even now, I am extremely intrigued by the way our bodies change and prepare for pregnancy each month. But what truly fascinates me are the cases where women get pregnant against all odds. Like this woman from Utah, USA, who gave birth to a baby girl despite being born without a uterus. Who said miracles don’t happen?

32-year-old Amanda Gruenell found out that she had been born without a uterus at the age of 17. She had gone to the doctor to find out why she wasn’t getting her periods. The doctors told her that her only option, if she wanted children, was to have a uterus transplant. Then, Amanda registered herself into the Cleveland Clinic’s uterine transplantation trial program. That’s how she was able to defy the odds and give birth to a healthy baby girl.

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Amanda told Inside Edition, “When I was 16, I could relate something was wrong. I wasn’t getting my periods. By the time I was 17, we found out that I did not have a uterus. I remember doctors telling me that I’ll never be able to have kids to be able to have the option to a uterus transplant – it’s incredible.”

Unfortunately though, around the same time she enrolled for the trial programme, Amanda’s mother, Janet, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She recalled one of her mother’s dreams where Janet saw her having a daughter. Amanda said, “I met your daughter. Her name is Grace, and she looks just like you.”

A while after this, Amanda received a uterus from a deceased woman and had a successful transplant. Then, with the help of IVF, she was impregnated and was able to give birth to a healthy baby girl, Grace.

This is so wholesome!

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