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This Viral Video Featuring A Grandmother Dancing In A Hilarious Manner With Her Grandson Is Winning Hearts

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Before this pandemic hit, I was probably the least active person on Instagram. I would use the app to keep up with brands, memes and of course, stalk people occasionally. I barely posted anything. Then, when Coronavirus isolated us from everyone my dependency on social media increased. I have started posting. I spend hours going through reels. I can even point out trends now. And when I come across a feel-good video, I tend to watch it over and over again. I say this after watching this reel featuring a grandson and his grandmother dancing adorably at least 5 times. It’s so wholesome!

This reel on Instagram featuring an 89-year-old woman dancing with her grandson is winning hearts. They are performing to the ‘I don’t believe in soulmates’ trend and have made their own version of it. The grandmother is seen dancing funny, making expressions that would get anyone to laugh out loud. Her grandson follows her. This video makes me want to go and meet my grandmother and dance with her.

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In the video, the grandmother is dancing in a full Bollywood style with dramatic and funny expressions. Her grandson follows her. At some point, they even do the Naagin dance. It’s hilarious. The video has been shared by Ankit Jangid, a content creator on Instagram with 18.9K followers. He captioned the video, “Found my soulmate in my DADI.”

They make such an adorable pair. I love videos with bindaas grandmothers. This video garnered more than 10,000 likes. Netizens have showered it with love and praise. It reminded me that we can have fun despite being quarantined and locked away in our houses. The pandemic can’t break our spirits!

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