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This Pakistani Medic And Beauty Blogger Is Aishwarya Rai’s Doppelganger. The Similarity Is Uncanny

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I love Bollywood celebrities as much as the next person. I might not be a crazy fanatic who build temples and have shrines of their favourite celebrities but I love knowing the ins and outs of their life. Who doesn’t, right? Their pictures are all over our social media feeds and the paparazzi is continuously following their every move. Considering all this, it’s not surprising that every now and then, pictures of celebrity doppelgangers crop up taking all of desi social media by a storm. They say that every person has at least six lookalikes but these celebrity doppelgangers are really something to marvel at. The most recent celebrity to find her doppelganger is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and we can’t stop looking at the uncanny resemblance.

Aishwarya is known around the world for her beauty and elegance. She found her doppelganger in Aamna Imran, a US-based Pakistani medic and beauty blogger. The resemblance between Aamna and Aishwarya is unreal. Of course, after being discovered, Aamna is beyond thrilled especially since she grew up watching Aishwarya Rai movies.

Talking about this recent discovery, Aamna said, “I grew up watching her movies such as Mohabbatein (2000) and Devdas (2002), and have always had a special place in my heart for Aishwarya. From Asia and Africa to Europe and America, globally, numerous people are congratulating me and I’m still in complete shock as I was when I woke up to the news. The love I am receiving is overwhelmingly beautiful. I have no complaints (about the comparison) and am content.”


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Ever since being discovered on social media, Aamna’s followers have been going gaga over her make up skills and beauty. She is basking in this sudden popularity and says she is absolutely floored by the love she has received. By profession, the Aishwarya Rai lookalike is a US-based medic. Although her parents hail from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Aamna does have a connection to India, and it’s all extremely fascinating

Talking about it, she said, “I have three siblings who are also medical professionals,” says Imran, revealing that she also has an India connect. “While I was born and reside in the US, and my mother and her parents are from Afghanistan, my father is Pakistani and his parents were Indian. So, I have a connection with India!”

I guess one’s celebrity status does come in handy when it comes to looking for doppelgangers. We love everything about this!

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