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Man Marries 53 Women In 43 Years For “Peace And Stability” And Here We Can Barely Sustain One Relationship!

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As a 20-something year-old whose friends are either getting married or in the talks of getting married, my trust issues have never been more triggered. How am I supposed to choose one person, place my entire faith in them and spend my life with them? How do I know what’s the right choice? While my mind is plagued with these questions, I have come upon the news of a man who married 53 times in 43 years in pursuit of “peace and stability.” Wow.

Abu Abdullah claims to have married 53 women over the course of 43 years. According to a report, the man added that he wasn’t acting in this way to pursue personal pleasure but was in pursuit of peace and stability. The 63-year-old is now known as the “polygamist of the century,” according to sources. Abdullah recently gave an interview to local media outlet MBC during which he stated that he is already married to one woman and has no plans to wed again.

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He added that he did not plan to marry more than one woman when he married for the first time since he was comfortable within the marriage and also had children. But then he said that things started to go wrong and when he was 23,  made the decision to get remarried and told my wife. It is said that the conflict between his first and second wives was the cause of his marital problems, which led to him getting remarried a third and fourth time. According to Abdullah, his first, second, and third spouses eventually divorced him.

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Abdullah added that he married 53 women over a long period of time. He revealed that his shortest marriage lasted only one night! He then said that every man in the world wants to be with only one woman and live an entire life with her. He said that he has discovered that an older woman is more likely to be stable than a young one.

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